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  1. alright thanks.......... I thought I was in the right forum but I clicked "back" my mistake before I started the thread sorry.
  2. I heard people say, creatine does nothing for you if you don't work out. I work out consistantly..... If i take creatine while working out the way I do, will I be able to get bigger, and pack on some more muscle mass?
  3. Alright, I'm 17 years old and Ive been working out for about 2 years. I have a pretty deacent shape, pretty lean and tonned, but I would like to pack on some more pounds. Some of my friends suggested this creatine drink. If I take creatine, and continue to work out the way I do, will I build more muscle mass faster? Will I get bigger? I understand that it does nothing if you take it without any pysical workout, but I work out consistantly. I just want to know because im planning on getting