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  1. Is it normal to have a slight breakout first with this stuff?
  2. Don't do any peels while on accutane... You are very pretty btw...
  3. You have red marks lol? Your skin looks flawless... But anyways ACV is slowly starting to even out my tone now...lovin it so far...
  4. just do it and report back... ha
  5. Ok so I finished my accutane about 2 months ago. I have been pimple free since like a week ago when I got like 2-3. I thought I was going to need to make a derm appointment. I saw this thread and have been using the acv for 3 days now and it demolished those pimples I had. No actives and my skin is looking better now especially since it seems to be evening out the tone...
  6. I had no side effects on accutane. I got the initial breakout and the dry skin...5 months later not a single pimple on me...Now that it's been 2 months with no accutane I think i'm slowly going to start breaking out again. There should be absolutely no reason you wouldn't wanna go on accutane. Just my .2 cents...Not here to argue...
  7. I found all these products on this site and was wandering if any of them were good. I need something good to spot treat. http://www.skinstore.com/search/search.asp...98-4fb65c91b43e go to skin conditions,then acne.
  8. So it's ok to apply more then 3x a day? I'm applying as much as possible to try and dry out some pimples which seems to be working, but also leaving my skin tight. (which is ok I guess, ha )
  9. Well I'm definitely not trying to see if it's going to come back as bad as before. I want to stop it before that.
  10. Well I finished up accutane about a month and a half ago and thought I was set and good to go. I finally could look at people in the eye. Well now it is slowly coming back on me with little whiteheads coming up. I have around 3 whiteheads and a very small cyst( I would consider myself in the mild acne category right now). I know it's not that bad but I can tell it's all going to come back. I've lost all hope in my face and i'm willing to try some different things if any of you guys know of any
  11. when I first got acne I went on keflex and it cleared me 100%...then my acne came back.. Then went on accutane for 6 months, now clear finally
  12. do you use a b complex, what brand is your b5? its olay noncomedogenic moisturizer with spf 15. i don't use sunscreen Trust me you will need more time then 4 days before it gets better. More like 2 weeks, and within those 2 weeks it will get worse before it gets better.
  13. I'm wandering the same thing. I'm using neutrogena aha lotion for right now.
  14. Hey man I've heard that you should wait six months or something till tattooing or piercing cos of the sensitive skin and also possible scarring. But honestly 6 month are nothing man, so I think next summer you can get every tatoo you want!! Congrats again! cj Hey thanks for the info, i'm glad I know now... I only want one tattoo and it won't be too big at all...
  15. Thanks so much guys! It was definitely worth the chapped lips and dry face... My initial breakout was pretty bad also... I guess I will have to wait for the tattoo because it's not worth messing anything up now! I wish the best for all of you guys and I will continue to read on here!!!
  16. Hey guys...I finally finished with Accutane... I'm just here to tell all of you out there to not be afraid of accutane... It's awesome and it has boosted my confidence a ton. I still have redness but it's slowly going away.. I haven't had a single pimple in over a month... Ha but I was also wandering if I could get a tattoo? It's been 1 month and a couple days since I stopped...
  17. yea im using that spf 15 eucerin red lotion.. it's good stuff... Also I just got off accutane about 2 days ago so I really just need to wait for mine to fade cuz the drug stays in my system for a month after
  18. haha^ I'm counting down the days until I finally get off this medicine! I can't wait to get off of it so I can start FREAKING healing!!!
  19. Well guys it's comig to an end. I went to see my derm for my last appointment. He said he would write one more prescription for a months worth of accutane. He then said your treatment was a success and that one month after stopping accutane that all the surrounding redness would go away and i'll be ready to start my new life I was so happy when he said the redness would go away! Said my goodbyes and he said contact him if I need anything.
  20. Don't worry it will get better! Month 4 is my good month for acne.. I haven't had a pimple in forever... My face is sooo smooth but there is tons of uneveness of redness and red marks... I don't care though! I asked her to prom like 2 days ago! ha and prom is on Sat. Everything went very good! I can't wait to be done though so these marks can start clearing...
  21. AHHHHH!!!! 13 days to get rid of these marks... I don't want this girl to have to be seen with someone with redness all over his face! How embarrassing