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  1. Thanks Denise.That's very sweet of you
  2. Thank you Maya. You're very sweet.
  3. Maya- fermented cabbage juice tastes very sour.It's like carbonated water but sour. It doesn't taste of cabbage at all. It works much much better than juiced cabbage. It completely got rid of my bloating and made my skin very very soft (sulphur content.) I've stopped making it now as I take Primal Defense which works even better. For once something manufactured works better than the natural alternative!! I think because Primal Defense contains a wider range and more potent type of bact
  4. Thanks for the input Denise. My stools are usually a medium brown colour even with the Bitters. Due to the alfalfa my ovaries ache a little. So I've ordered Nature's Biotics which doesn't contain this ingredient. I think Primal Defense is more potent but I don't mind as long as the HSOs implant eventually.
  5. Denise- I'd appreciate your input. I've been taking Primal Defense for a week now (1 caplet) and I've noticed that my stool is very dark. I realise that this must be old waste ,perhaps even mucoid plaque. It looks very similar to the mucoid plaque (minus the green stuff) I removed with colosan. I know that HSOs are capable of removing mucoid plaque and I was wondering if you've experienced this whilst taking this product. I'm not taking anything else; just eating strictly vegan.
  6. I'm a Brit but i spend most of the year abroad (working). I had to get a letter of referral from a GP here. I remember the waiting list was 6 months but I saw him within 2/3 months because of a cancelation, which luckily coincided with my next scheduled trip to London . I had 3 lots of Nlite and 2 sets of subcision with about 50-60% improvement overall. The fact that's he's very busy didn't affect the time between treatments. He always managed to fit me in. Maybe because he knew I
  7. Joylovepeace I had 8 colonics over a 6 month period and I never got any mucoid plaque out that way. I did with colosan though. Maybe Denise's body responds better to colonics.. Everyone's different.
  8. Denise, it seems that there's been a misunderstanding. I apologise for correcting you so strongly. I should have been more tactful. And of course I don't want to ruin the thread with any ill feeling. I'm here to help others if I can and hopefully learn more (from other people's experiences) in the process. SJ here's the link for Andrea's website http://www.ener-chi.com/ BTW i recieved my Primal Defense today. I realised that it contains a potent oestrogenic substance-alfalfa
  9. SJ I forgot to add that I don't take any herbs/supplements anymore apart from ionic minerals, which I'll only be taking for another couple of weeks (to rebalance electrolytes due to GI cleansing.) I also intend to take Primal Defense for a while to replenish good bacteria. But, ultimately, I won't be taking anything for life. Just good food and periodic liver flushing/ GI cleansing.
  10. Denise I DON'T experience PAIN when I eat certain things.Where on earth did you get that idea from?? Please don't make assumptions/answer on my behalf!!!! BTW I am not ALLERGIC to any food. There is a HUGE difference between allergy and intolerance. Sweetjade I eat vegan because my body loves it. I feel lighter/more energetic and healthier eating vegan. Together with liver flushing and colonics and GI cleansing it's a winning combination for me. I avoid animal protein because I'm tryi
  11. Since eating a mainly vegan diet my insulin resistance symptoms (pre- diabetic) have all but disappeared. The flushes helped tremendously but when I changed my diet and completely eliminated animal protein replacing it with lots of veg and wholegrains, fruit etc I noticed a huge improvement in my IR. Also my ovaries never ache now unless i have milk. I used to control my IR by balancing animal protein with grains and I was very reluctant to switch to a vegan diet, thinking that it wo
  12. Jaime a food intolerance test is useful. i had one before my flushes. It just confirmed what I already new. Bear in mind that after flushing/cleansing you will be able to tolerate foods you were previously intolerant to. For example, I can digest wheat better now. But the best thing of all is that before my first flush I couldn't eat any saturated fat without breaking out and now I can eat as much as I want in any form at all and I don't get a single spot. whereas before I used to g
  13. Just thought I'd do an update on 'Oxygen Elements Plus' i.e ionic trace minerals. The scar tissue/lump under my skin from the subcision has gone. This is after 3 weeks on 3 drops/3 times a day of ionic trace minerals (the full dose is 7 drops/3 x a day. I'd had the scar tissue for 4 months prior to that. Most of my red marks from last August have completely gone, the others are hardly noticeable. My skin was soft before but now it's even softer. Bear in mind that my body is very sen
  14. joylovepeace i don't need to moniter my ph. I don't eat acid producing foods like dairy and meat. I also have have plenty of veg and some fruit.
  15. joylovepeace i don't need to moniter my ph. I don't eat acid producing foods like dairy and meat. I also base have plenty of veg and some fruit.
  16. jc white calcified stones do not float; they sink. I saw plenty when i went 'deep sea fishing' as you put it!
  17. I've been using tazorac 0.1% gel for a few nights (leaving it on overnight) and so far no spots or redness or peeling or stinging. The tazorac cream gave me a spot but nothing's happening with the gel. Perhaps it's too early for side effects? I've been using retin a (isotretinoin) 0.5% for the past 8 months.Perhaps isotretinoin is stronger than tazorac??
  18. Denise it's great that you're having such good results with the colosan . I removed a lot of green/black stool when I took it. I guess that was mucoid plaque. I wasn't strict with my diet, just the usual almost vegan food, although for a day or two I only ate fruit and cooked veg. Infact, I removed more waste with the colosan than with the colonics.But a combination of the two would probably work really well. Thankfully,i didn't get any spots at all with the colosan. My skin just glowed.
  19. I eat mainly vegan with very little protein as I'm trying to remove protein deposits from my blood vessels. Usually, I have some kind of fresh juice for b/f or some fruit. These days I drink homemade fermented cabbage juice to replace my good bacteria and it is definitely working!! I wait half an hour and then have oats cooked with sultanas and a little butter. I sprinkle ground (easier to digest) almonds on top. For lunch I have cooked veg like okra with brown basmati rice and one oth
  20. Goldrex thanks for the advice. Last night I used my usual isotrexin and the spot's almost gone. I think I'll persevere with the tazorac .1% gel only on my forehead for now. Before my flushes, chinese bitters normalised my oily skin. Now if I take Chinese Bitters it completely dries out my skin. So i only take it as a flush prep. Perhaps you should take less?
  21. At one point I tried isotrex but after a week my forehead started getting bumpy so I switched back to Isotrexin. I have excellent results with Isotrexin. However, I'm thinking of switching to Tazorac to see if I can get even better results with my pores. Also, an opened tube of Isotrex expires after 2 months regardless of whether you've finished it or not (stated in the insert). So for me ,it's just not economical. I'm not sure if it's available in the US. I'm from the UK. And yes it
  22. The night of my third flush i slept very well because I'd adjusted my sleeping times anyway. The first 2 flushes I didn't sleep well. But it's no big deal.
  23. I'm trying out Tazorac. I applied some 0.05% cream on my forehead and left it on overnight. Today, my forehead is noticeably oily. The retin a I use never does that. Also, I have a pimple and I rarely get one.
  24. I've been using isotrexin (isotrex and erythromycin blend) for 8 months now. It works really well. But it does contain alcohol.
  25. Denise I don't take epsom salts at all. I can imagine how doubly dehyrating they would be if combined with Colosan. Jaime I agree with Amoira. I think the best thing to do would be to read up as much as possible and see what works for your body. I've had great results with Julia's herbs and liver flush procedure (although the herbs do have side effects in my case.)