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  1. Hey all. A long time ago (6-8 years) the family doctor prescribed for me some kind of acne medication. I can't remember what it was called or what was in it, so here's the description: It came in this cylinder-type bottle and the applicator on the top was some kind of cloth thing or whatever. The medication inside the bottle was a clear liquid (water-like) and to get it out you had to turn the bottle upside down and press on the applicator. Then the liquid would be absorbed into the applica
  2. First off here's what I use: Cetaphil Gentle Bar Dan's BP Gel Complex 15 Moisturizer / and I also have Eucerin Daily Renewal spf 15 I have been using Dan's BP Gel since July 2005 and I have been liking it so far. I tried to make sure I was using enough like Dan said. However, I have recently discovered that the deep little bumps that I couldn't get rid of were disappearing since I started to use WAY less bp gel. I'm talking a very thin line of bp gel between two joints of my index finger for
  3. not to be ignorant but what's the regimen? ←
  4. Hey all, for those on the regimen that are playing sports, do you leave the bp and moisturizer on your face while playing or do you just wash it off first. I notice that just accidentally splashing some water on my face reveals the white spf moisturizer. I'm using Purpose Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion, SPF 15 but I will soon receive eucerin daily renewal and complex 15.
  5. Hey all, i just wanna make sure that when you are talking about complex 15 you are talking about the 2.5 oz bottle? I guess that's specifically a face moisturizer but does anyone use that big 8oz bottle instead?
  6. Hey all, right now im using dan's bp gel and purpose oil free with spf 15. I don't really like the spf moisturizer is making my skin all shiny. So I would like to try a non spf for the evening. What is your favorite non spf moisturizer at the moment? Or whats the best non spf that has Alpha Hydroxy stuff? UPDATE: I'm gonna order Eucerin Daily Renewal spf 15 to see how it works out.
  7. hmm, i don't know that much about swelling. I use the bp gel on my whole face without any problems. Hopefully someone knows how to help with the swelling.
  8. 1) Hey all, I'm using the bp gel, and purpose oil free w/ spf 15 moisturizer. I just started the regimen yesterday and it's working great. My eyes started burning yesterday though. I'm thinking it's because of the SPF. I remember my eyes always burning from sunscreen in the past. So I figure that's the reason. I also used those 10% bp washes before and i never had any problems (besides flaky skin). I tried to be careful not to get close to my eyes, but somehow it just gets in there. I do
  9. I started using bp gel yesterday, and I put it on this morning already. It has totally made a difference. I have only mild acne, but everything is cleared up basically. And those "bumps." Those seem to be going away as well. I'll tell you how it goes.
  10. yeah, i did that. It spread around quite nicely. The moisturizer, however, was a little bit trickier. It didn't spread around that well. I waited about 5min for the bp to dry. Should I have waited less time so that my face wasn't as dry? I'm using Purpose oil free with spf 15.
  11. Hey all I just received my bp gel today and I already used it. I like it so far. It isn't burning like that Clean & Clear Continuous Control Wash that has 10% bp in it. I tried to use a lot like Dan says but I don't want to waste it too quick. For those that use it on their whole face, do you use one finger's worth for everything? I'm guessing that's what it'd be.