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  1. Thank you so much for actually responding:) y'all:) Rowan-- what kind of acne did your daughter have?? I actually have an appt to talk with a doctor to talk about my options with light therapy and any other possibilities so I'm curious about the procedure. My acne is "cystic" even though the bumps under my skin are smaller than what is normally considered an actual "cyst". I have like hundreds of little bumps under the skin on my cheeks, jaw, and around my mouth and chin. They aren't red but
  2. Did he lance it???I think if he can get enough of the sac wall out the cyst should go down and have a good chance of not being able to grow back??? I don't know, that's what they've done for me on two separate occasions on my cheek, they just numbed it first with a shot...
  3. Not for me, but it has worked for so many people which inspires hope for thousands, so that makes it okay for me anyway;)
  4. I have the same thing you have...went on accutane three times but no luck for me... hope you have better luck:)
  5. Have you tried to extract them, either by yourself or from a professional?? if you have tried but they won't come out, I know what you're talking about
  6. I tried it three times luv, and I would try it again, but I'm very high risk for liver disorders, so I don't think for me that would be very smart, but when I did take it it helped, and one boy in my class back in the 10th grade took it twice and his face turned out beautiful... enough to motivate me the second and third time:)
  7. I had one opened up today...did they numb it with somekind of injection and then slice it open and try to get out the cystic mass??? Did they take some tweezer like instrument and try to break it up and then try to pull the a part of the sack away from the skin?? I know lots of questions, I'm sorry...that's what my doc did today and has also done three other times and it will heal just fine..you may have a very small scar that looks like and oversized pore, but your skin will grow back and it s
  8. Today I went to the dermatologist to get one of my monthly cysts lanced ad dranied, as well as to tell her that my GYNO said I infact do not have cysts on my ovaries, so we can rule that out. We've been through everything and I feel like I tried everything, so I just wanted to put what I have done on a list, and see if anyone can add anything to it, that I haven't tried...please, I'm 24 and I've been dealing with this since the 5th grade and I feel aweful that my parents have spent oogles of m
  9. Snoop18--so you decided against it?? I did too... There are a lot of risks plus the fact for me is that when my skin grows back "new" it's still going to have the same problem because it's genetic--I've been on accutane 3 times, done all types of chemical peels--all the levels of the glycolic up to 70% and I even went to the strongest peel you can have, a Jessner peel (three times as well), every type of topical you can tthink of up to the highest strength, all kinds of antibiotics, but you know
  10. Have you ever had your dermatologist take a biopsy of any of your pimples, cysts, whatever you'd like to call them? I think that your body will eventually build up a tolerance to that antibiotic and sort of become immune to it at some point, so maybe that's why he's taking you off it??
  11. I 'm presuming he gave it to you to keep the bacteria that's producing in your skin under control or eliminated?? I'm on minocycline and don't have any problems taking the medicine--it's pretty easy on the stomach @ least for me-- just check with your doctor if you're on birth control to make sure it doesn't effect it's efficiency. Hope it helps!! If you suspect it's hormones, have you heard of taking a diuretic??? If your testosterone levels are out of range, I mean.