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  1. Hi Mila, oh no, you got the packets that you boil and you drink like this nasty thick brown soup, didn't you? I have many memories of being chased around the house by my mommy with that stuff, heheh. Well my marks are still fading, I'm using a light glycolic acid, and it seems to help. Probably i'm not doing all I could because I've been going camping a lot and getting my face burnt, hehe. It's fun, but outhouses are yuck!! My chin is fading a lot but since there were so many marks it will
  2. umm, where do you think the pills would come from?
  3. Hi Kitty, how have you been. Did you go to that dermatologist that Mila recommended? Any good?
  4. Hi Betelgeuse, well no I'm not in Korea, I'm in Canada, but I was originally from Korea, I don't know if that counts :evil:/
  5. Hey, no prob. I've been pretty busy too, I'm moving soon and I'm trying to figure out where everything is supposed to go ](*,) Other than than that.... well my skin, I'm not sure if the bp is helping or not, I think it is by making my pimples smaller, but it could also be the bcp's and the minocycline. I just finished my second month of bcp, and will go into third. But I am breaking out much less. whoooo. Still have some, but they are all slowly drying up. I remember you were takin
  6. well I bought some more stuff from serious skin,(should be here in a week), and today I bought the neutrogena multi-vitamin treatment, and on-the-spot 2.5 bp. I'm going to the movies tonight, but after i'm going to try the bp. I'm not sure when I'll put ont he multi-vitamin, maybe in the morning? I hope this works!!
  7. Oh yeah, I forgot I think I'm also going to buy 2.5 benzoyl peroxide. I used to use Solugel which is what my derm prescribed, but it was 4%, and really harsh on my skin, maybe this kind will be much better. I figure my skin will keep on breaking out all my life, even just a little bit. lol, even if some acne was from hot food I don't think i would stop, just try to find better products, hehe.
  8. lol, it's so funny I did not have internet for 2 days, I was so sad, which is sad too. Your derm says that Serious skin is not worth the money?, well maybe most of the products aren't. I think a lot of this line is fluff. Especially the newer stuff. It started out as an acne line, and the 4 piece kit that they had is what I used for years after i used minocycline. I was still breaking out but a lot less, and the 4 piece kit really cleared everything else up. Well that was 10 years ago.
  9. Lol, that's the only reason why I still remembered his name.
  10. Hi From Hong Kong, you said before that birth control worked for you before, could you go on it again? I am around your age too, and I stupidly stopped taking birth control. It's caused me to break out a lot around my chin. I have now been on it again for a month, I hope it does the trick again . [-o< Acne around the chin and jawline is definetely hormonal. Try the birth control again, and if that doesn't work, you just may have to take accutane again, there are a lot of people on this si
  11. RAWWWWWRRRRRR!!!!! ok, now i'm just being silly, fear me.
  12. ; bows in awe Great explanation.
  13. Ah, I just came from the restaurant, I just shared with a bunch of people, jam pong, cha chung meon, and bi bim bap. I am stuffed, hehehe. I love jam pong I have used the fading fluid before loooonng time ago. I found an old bottle, and can tell you the ingredients. Active Ingredients: 2% Hydroquinone Ingredients: Purified water, Propylene Glycol, aloe vera gel, sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfite, dipotassium azelate, salicyclic acid, citric acid, phytic acid, xanthan gum, imidazolidiny
  14. 29, and I'm very sure you know more about them than I do. I guess I am biased, when I first started getting acne, my mommy went out and bought a whole bunch of stuff from amore, i.e. cleansers, toners, moisturizers. Did not like them one bit. There was a lot of other stuff she got me as well, especially things that I now know were for like 50 yr old women with wrinkle problems, lol. What do you use from them?
  15. I don't really use those brands, of course I recognize them, I'm surprised you didn't mention Amore, hehe. From what I remember, a lot of korean products seem too heavily perfumed and only for regular skin. But maybe that's because I was given a lot of korean make up from family members. I only use cleansers, etc that have no perfume in it. If you're looking for a good gentle cleanser you should try 'Spectro-gel', probably your derm has mentioned it. Get the fragrance-free kind with purple l