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  1. I can eat anything I want, it's great. Raisins are kind of disgusting after awhile, I still like them just not as much as I used to. Try Pistachios, just as much potassium and a much better alternative.
  2. Like others have said: The breakout probably happened because of the dry skin, and the extra irritation. I truly believe you can't maintain clear skin with dry skin issues. Work on balancing the moisture levels.
  3. I'm not sure but I do know there is no reason why you should have to put loads on, put enough to soothe your skin and that should be more than enough. Loading it on may cause irritation, depending on the product and your skin. However, if it is a acne-safe moisturizer it shouldn't be a problem, still, you want to use a balanced amount.
  4. Get a different moisturizer, that shouldn't be happening.
  5. Jessica can you delete or move this when you guys are done? Thanks.
  6. Ofcourse hun. Personally I drink about the same amount in a day, but I can go through several litres before, during and after intense weight training exercise. So excluding those I get about the same amount. To get water intoxication you'd basically have to drink large amounts of water non-stop until it basically filled your lungs and you croaked. So, don't be afraid of that, because it will NEVER happen to you. 7-8 glasses a day is a doctor's recommended daily amount for fat lazy pe
  7. Wow still after 5 months? It sounds like it's an allergic rash type of reaction. What kind of moisturizer do you use? How long have you been using it?
  8. It may seem like awhile at first but once you adjust it's only a few minutes.
  9. Sorry but the Myth section is not going to change. The foods you eat do NOT cause acne. Certain foods may or may not "affect" your acne, but they do not "cause" acne. This has been proved over and over. Now, I agree with RedSeven. A healthy balanced diet is common sense, a diet revolved around foods that prevent acne and numerous types of system cleansing is ridiculous and not needed. You don't do that to your body. The best thing you can do diet and nutrition wise is eat healthy, taking your vi
  10. Yeah ofcourse. It's perfectly fine aslong as you train smart and practice proper lifting techniques. Always have a spot with you on things such as barbell bench, and so forth. I was training hard at 15-16 when I started. I know people who started when they were younger. It's really all about your knowledge, don't buy into all the bullshit and train smart.
  11. That's genetic. My face as a whole fills out when I gain weight, and goes down a lot when I cut, but I'm pretty sure the cheek thing is all genetic though!
  12. That's a little light if it was me. But it's definitely not unhealthy, your weight is perfectly normal for your age, especially if your lean or shredded. Technically your 150. I won't allow myself go below 165 personally. Right now I'm bulking so I'm up close to 185, I'm about 5'11. You can increase mass anytime you'd like, it's really on you, but if you want to stay lean, you won't be able to do it to the fullest. I don't mind putting on some bodyfat and working it off after and I eat really c
  13. I generally eat very strict, but I binge out on junk food every now and then to reward myself, works good. Diet can and does affect your skin, it DOES NOT cause acne. This has been proven over and over. So can I still eat *some* (small ammount of junk food?