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  1. There's nothing wrong with providing contradictory information and I am quite sure everyone knows there are two sides to every coin. THe problem is Michelle only used a handful of doctors and articles to try and make her point valid. Dan uses a text book for doctors and the word of numerous people who used bp. Why would a text book publsher lie about soemthing that thousands of doctors are goign to read? Also, Dan has been doign his regimen for how many years and he never has mentioned thi
  2. Denorex is another good dandruff shampoo that has salicylic acid in it. It comes in 2 strengths and works pretty well. I have acne along my hairline as well (even teh back of my neck) and this shampoo works okay. Didn't clear me up but helped keep them away.
  3. Did MichelleG04 say she was doctor or participating in any sort of medical field? Anyone and everyone can spout off medical facts copied and pasted from websites but that doesn't make your opinion the one and only true way to go. every time I talked to my dermatologist about my bp usage he never told me anything about the dangers of it. My family doctor had me on the stuff when i was 11 or 12 and never did I hear comments about cancer or severe side effects. I personally don't beleive Dan wo
  4. i've been on the regimen for almost a year now and my face is still oily. I use cetaphil lquid cleanser, cetaphil moisturizer, and an OTC bp gel. I used the on the spot as well and i was still oily. I think there are products out there that help with just control oil but i don't use them so i don't know. Using a paper towel to blot your face seems to help.
  5. i would say yes. it goes much easier and when you put more on top of it it doesn't smear or otherwise casue problems. it still is drying so i use a moisturizer everytime i put it on
  6. Has anyone noticed that when they change bp makers, they're acne changes as well? I've noticed this recently when i switched my OTS with a generic gel. the OTS makes my face look much much better and seems to keep the red marks and such down. the gel used to do this but has recently relaxed it's vise like grip on my acne. has this occured to anybody else 'casue it seems like it would be common.
  7. remember kids, bust your nut before you bust a zit!
  8. Dan you can't see me right now but i'm crying. I will make a shrine to you out of discarded OTS tubes with a candle to always burn in your memory. i can promise you that when this stuff is available i will be buying 5 tubes at the minimum.
  9. I had the flu for about 5 days which meant all i could do was sleep in bed and drink water. I didn't have the time or the energy to clean my face 2 times or even one tim ea day and apply bp and all that stuff. So i couldn't do the regimen for 5 days and now my face is the worst it's been in months. I've even put on even more bp onto the major trouble areas but it's not working. This is really pissing me off, 5 months of dedication and precison and bam, can't do anything for a week and now th
  10. Hey Dan, what's the word about your BP gel. ALmost done with testing or what?
  11. you might need to change the soap you use. That same thing happened to me when i used the purpose bar. I switched to the cetaphil liquid cleanser and it stopped that problem right away.
  12. Hey Dan, can you list the ingredients for the gel? And how many grams is 4 oz. I buy a 60 gram tube of same type of bp gel for 25 from my doctor.
  13. The tops of my eyebrows are bleached due to the bp and i was wondering if anybody had anyway to get rid that. Is there some sort of dye or something?
  14. I know what you mean but i checked it out. They show a retouched picture and a normal one. I have the normal one. also i didn't have any whiteheads or anyhting, just a few redmarks that amazingly didn't show on that picture. In a few other poses, they were more noticeable but not by a lot.
  15. Nothing like Sealab 2021 humor to end your day.