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  1. Do you live in Chicago area and have a doctor who prescribed accutane? I have mild acne and want to try a low-dose course. I have a feeling it would work very well.... I was on Accutane 3 years ago. I took a 8-month course and it was a lifesaver. The problem is my old doctor stopped describing after iPledge and he died.
  2. I posted earlier that my dermatologist gave me and others Accutane very easily. I just found out he was murdered. This is very weird since I was considering going there any day for a Cortisol shot for a scar. I have a suspicion this was done by a former patient. http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&q=ch...sa=N&tab=wn
  3. College senior in Finance. Currently doing consulting job in computer programming (.NET). Preparing for job interviews (my biggest weakness). I'm in Chicago if anyone wants to discuss/network.
  4. Concerning animal protein: I talked to my friend from India today and he said he never saw anyone with acne in India, just a few teenagers. I want to eat 170 gram protein / day. I have been trying to eat less chicken and more whey protein. I'm trying to cut out all beef. I eat as much fish as I can without overdoing Mecury. What do you think?
  5. I get most of my sodium intake from hot sauces (ie. chicken, or beans). I have a high tolerance to them. I searched around internet and it seems spicy foods damaging your stomach is a myth, although other people say otherwise. How could spicy foods cause acne? What about soy sauce? I'm trying to be on a long term diet to prevent acne.
  6. I wouldn't cut meat out or at least cut it out last to find out if or which foods influence skin. Suggestions: Fats - natural peanut butter, I like to freeze it and taste like candy bars, olive oil (sweet potato fries) Sweet potatoes have much much lower GI than reg potatoes. Yams are even lower. (From what I've researched) Oat pancakes - ground oats, fruit, eggs, peanut butter
  7. I log all the foods I eat and keep track of nutrients with FitDay software. Without a multi-vitamin I'm very deficient in Vitamin E & K. Found out I am 50% deficient in Potassium consistently. Even with all the veggies I eat I am usually deficient in fiber. I am also usually 50% deficient in calcium since I avoid dairy. I think I'll look to supplementation to help. Anyone else use FitDay or keep track like this?
  8. This is something I follow about to post at BB.com (keep in mind I'm cutting): Simple meals with just chicken can be great with hot or soy sauce. Just get skinless chicken breast. Main carb sources Oats, Fruit – 1 serving/day Sweet potatoe, Beans Sample meals Meal 1 1 cup oats Desginer whey protein shake w/ water or 5 egg whites, 1 yolk, 3 oz chicken w/ veggies – (onions, peppers, tomatoes), 0.5 tbsp olive oil 2 fish gels 2 flax gels Meal 2 (On the go) 8 oz of mea
  9. Oats have a relatively low GI, especially steel cut oats. I avoid bread becuase I can't find pure wheat bread at grocery store.
  10. This is a high volume program that probably (90%) will overtrain you. Go to IronAddicts.com and read the articles there to understand why.
  11. I ate crap - fast food, sugar, not enough water and then I developed very oily skin by age 18. I pondered about long term diet affect on acne. Saying "I ate a bunch of candy and the next week I didn't break out" doesn't make sense to me. I plan on continuing a STRICT low glycemic diet for at least a year. I also make sure not to eat > 500 cals a meal. And I even take fiber supps when eating carbs to reduce insulin response. The only major carb I eat are oats (cut out dairy and grains).
  12. I have gradually been switching to green tea. I love coffee but I only drink it if invited to. I did this just to be on the safe side, which, although I was addicted to coffee, has not been that hard since I am a "health nut obsessed freak" - as named by aggravated people around me.
  13. Oats are one of my favorite meals. The key is mixing them with milk. I also add Splenda Brown Sugar. For eggs, I add all sorts of veggies (onions, tomato, green, jalepeno..) I also add Indian spices to eggs like Mango Pickle.
  14. My face got pretty fat while on tane. I had my driver's license pic taken and realized it. Now its not though.