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  1. I am taking 20mg once a day (but for me that is just over 0.5mg per kilogram). As far as side effects go my skin is only VERY slightly dry, I have been using QV cream for that, lips have been quite dry and I use vasoline on my lips for that which I find to be effective, the only other side effect (more recently) is dry eyes, just the other day I had to use my (prescription strength btw) refresh-liquigel (carmellose) 5 times during the day. My eyes felt like grit/sandpaper they were so dry.. I'
  2. Just wondering, anyone ever had liver probs while on minocycline? I've been on it 3 nearly 4 months now. The first 3 months on 100mg, 1 month at 200mg. Just this week I upped it again to 300mg. Anyway, Tues I had some blood work done and my ALT was slightly elevated at 56 - it's always between 10-20. I'm thinking I'll probably have to call the dermatologist this week or next to be put on something else.
  3. I was wondering the same thing also teh_shredmaster ... Was going to ask a similar question... What is someone has mild cystic acne i.e. 1 to 3 cysts (that scar!) say once a month. Would Vit A tablets or as FreshPrince posted B5 tablets have any effect? My GP seems to think the only option (after being on topical antibiotics / gels, antibiotics / then bcp - diane 35) is roaccutane / accutane. The side effects of roaccutance sort of scare me.... i.e the possibility of my acne getting worse,
  4. Thank you for the suggestions. The differin is, I'm pretty sure a topical retinoid ... Would considering using roaccutane, of course only if a dermatologist was 100% all for it... Think I'd be a little nervous about going on such a strong medication. Btw, is roaccutant / accutane like vitamin A ? If so would vit A work? (here in Australia we can only get vit A on prescription... ) Good to know there are other bcp's available for ance, since I am almost postive that mine is hormonal related -
  5. That happened to me. I was started on it almost 1 year ago. Saw the full effects of it early June last year and never go one pimple (not even a tiny one) from early June till Otober. Was amazing, even some of my scars started to clear up. Then October I started getting break outs again around the time of my period. About 1 month ago it got quite bad again - started getting infected pimples again, atm I have 2 infected cystic type pimples on my chin that will almost certainly scar. Looks bad!
  6. I've had acne for almost 11 years. I'm nearly 24 now (end of June) and my acne has started coming back quite bad again. Bit of background. I've tried quite a number of antibiotics - akamin, erythromycin, minocycline, and penicillin based antibiotics for 'acute' outbreaks (usually go on those strong ones when I get maybe one or two infected cystic pimples). All the above antibiotics (but the penicillins) eventually stopped working after some time, as my old dermatologist put it I had become res
  7. Wow, I didn't know that. It's kind of interesting though b/c that is exactly where I tend to get most of my pimples. My cheeks are completely clear and I don't have much of a problem with my nose or forehead (except for blackheads). Will see anyway, I've actually started Dianne-35ED, so if my acne is hormonal I'm hoping this will work.
  8. Roaccutane here. And that's the problem, none of the dermatologists I've seen will prescribe it for me. Been close to prescribing it, but both backed out at the last minute. I'm thinking I may need to be more assertive if I ever see another derm ...
  9. I got my first pimple when I was 11. Had mild - moderate acne from 13 - 16, mild - moderate since I was 17 with the occasional cystic pimple appearing a few time each year for the last 2 years. Very frustrating though, all my dermatologist prescribes for me is antibiotics after antibiotic. My GP prescribes me penicillin for acute outbreaks or if I have a cystic pimple. (btw I am 22 now, 23 this June)
  10. I can't find any info on this, but I'm wondering can cod liver oil help improve mild - moderate acne?? I've been taking it for 1 week now and so far haven't developed any pimples, of course it's too soon to tell, so it could just be the stuff I'm taking atm - erythromycin, clindatech and hydrocortisone cream. I saw my derm Thursday (bumped my appt forward as I had a breakout the week before which included 1 cystic pimple - thankfully it went away fast without leaving too much of a scar). He s
  11. This is all news to me - using hibiclens as a face wash ... I know it's used in the health care setting for washing hands, we use it in labs at university too. I know it's pretty effective at killing off both resident and transiet bacteria.
  12. For one of my nursing units we did a bit on perception of self and others, and our lecturer mentioned this - she said other people don't see your acne as severe as what you may think it is, where as someone with acne sees it as being really bad. To some extent that comment has stuck with me and helped with some of my shyness, (I tend to be overly shy and that all comes down to my acne and people bullying me about my acne in secondary school).
  13. Sucks hey, how people can be so mean/ I was called just about every nasty name under the sun. One day in year 9 (7 years ago) our class was waiting outside for our biology teacher to come, while waiting 4 or 5 guys decided it would be fun to bully me about my acne - calling me ugly, pushing/shoving me, one of them got right up in my face and told me 'your so ugly you deserve to die, your a waster of oxygen' or words to that effect. Whatever self-esteem/confidence I had left that day was comple
  14. I was just wondering what everyone else's experience has been/is like w/ roaccutane (Accutane in USA)? I have had mild-moderate acne for 7 years now (I'm 22 now). So far I have tried the pill, antibiotics --> Akamin, Minocycline, Penicillin for acute outbreaks and am currently on E-mycin which is already loosing its effect. I've also been using clindatech and a hydrocortisone cream. My dermatologist told me at my last appointment if the e-mycin doesn't work he'll put me on roaccutane. I'