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  1. i shave and i dont get acne where i shave.... but in your case, i would use a hair conditioner...it might sound stupid but i use it now cause its a closer shave and makes the skin softer.
  2. ive used it for one month, nothing really changed, but everyone is different, butits good to try out things, to see how they work for you though.
  3. i started getting a few little break outs from using desitiin at night, but then i switched to wearing desitin during the day UNDER a moisturizer... i think it works better than wearing it at night. i dont use anything really at night, just a cleanser and a astrigent toner. my skin becomes kinda of lighter but it doesnt really show at all.
  4. ^^check other post.... i bought it at wal-mart (united states)
  5. yea it is a norweigan name, i think im part norweigan, but i dont live in norway, never been there, raised in california , just mmoved to oregon you can desitin off the net. drugstore.com they have it there.
  6. for some reason when i wake up its all gone, cant even notice a trace of Desitin, not even on my pillow. but my marks fade down though.
  7. for some reason when i wake up its all gone, cant even notice a trace of Desitin, not even on my pillow. but my marks fade down though.
  8. [email protected] jackson how much do you put on? you might wanna use less next time, that might help a little
  9. I dont use the BP regimen.... i use L'oreal Paris Pure Zone in the morning (its 3 steps) then i use the cleanser again when i take a shower, then i put on the desitin. I used to just dab it on, but i noticed better results rubbing it in till it disappears.
  10. yea im using the ointment. it might be a little hard to rub it in to the point where you cant really see it. let us know how it worked out. also, if your using any other OTC meds, you might wanna check out Pure Zone by L'oreal Paris if nothing else is working.
  11. Is anyone using this? To me, its exactly like using ProActiv, but I think its a little more better. I've noticed a better difference than ProActiv, and some other over the counter medicines. I'm also using the Pure Zone with Desitin. Pure Zone in the morning and Desitin at night. My skin is starting to finally clear up and fade my red marks. I havent had this much good skin in like 2 years so Im gonna pretty much stick with this routine. By the way...Im new
  12. I started using Desitin since Tuesday and the first night I used it, I just dabbed it on the red marks, but last night, I decided to see how it would work if I rubbed it in till it 'disappeared'. It worked better than just dabbing it on. When you rub it in, til' the point you can barely see the white, it pretty much dries up quickly, so you dont have to worry about getting anything on your pillow. I know its hard getting that stuff off in the morning, BUT do what I did last night, then use a cle