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  1. paraffinum liquidum is another name for mineral oil. Either that or possibly dimethicone could be a problem. I'd get a different moisturizer if I were you.
  2. I have much less bleachiing problem with 2.5%. 10% is wicked on towels.
  3. LTP


    Just stick with it! There was stuff in your skin that you couldn't see, but it was there--so that's all gotta work its way out. Be consistent, don't give up! You're making progress!
  4. Dans' gel is way better. No chalkyness, no flaking, doesn't stick in brows or hair.
  5. Yeah...I found out the hard way about acne flare-up when you go off the pill. It really sucks but it is temporary while your hormones sort themselves out. Hang in there.
  6. Mandy I've had that happen, now I put on some gentle eye creme before I do the bp--it seems to create some kind of barrier, anyway now I don't have that problem. My scalp was itching too, so I stay farther away from my hairline and now that stopped.
  7. Go for it! I recommend you get Dan's gel, it doesn't turn white if you sweat. Swimming shouldn't screw up BP but it will wash it off of course. Whether it is bad for breakouts I don't know, I've heard that pools can be. You can do the regimen in 5-10 minutes. I don't wait after I wash, I wash for 30 seconds, dry, then apply the BP, which absorbs in just a few minutes. I WOULD bring my own towel though, hate to ruin someone elses. It can bleach clothes, sheets, towels, etc. I haven't had near
  8. Try half dose for 2-3 days and see how you do, but I bet you can use full application. I too was using 10% and started with the full application of 2.5% with no problem. I went through some dryness but nothing like with 10%, and no real redness or irritated feeling. Good luck!
  9. I agree, stick with it and don't bother with a derm. You really have to be patient, some of the stuff that you're seeing now was already there before you started the regimen, you just couldn't see it. Hard to be patient I know but hang in there and be consistent!
  10. Wash your hair, then wash your face after. More importantly. look for a shampoo that doesn't have silicones in it (dimethicone, trimethicone, cyclomethicone). I was having annoying breakouts along my neck/chest, back and sides of face, the minute I changed conditioners to one with no silicones it cleared right up. Never underestimate the havoc that hair products can wreak on your skin.
  11. Chris, are you sure what you have is acne? Or is it follicular irritation from shaving, which looks acne-like but really isn't the same thing. When you shave are you shaving with, or against, hair growth? What are you using to shave with? You've been to a derm so I'd assume he looked closely and diagnosed but you never know! If it really is irritation from shaving then I'd think there are other ways to treat the issue.
  12. Those are probably closed comedones, and they aren't all that easy to remove yourself (not that I haven't tried mind you). The best thing to do is visit an esthetician (esp. one who specializes in acne) and have him/her extract them for you. By having them do it safely less risk of creating inflammation. Derms sometimes have estheticians on staff now who can do this.
  13. MF, I totally understand how you feel--I've never had horrible acne but am so self-conscious that sometimes it's excruciating. And incredibly even though I've brought up that and compulsive picking to two therapists, they in no way took it seriously. Go figure. Reading about the acne dysmorphic disorder really hit home with me. Anyway, it's possible that the moisturizer you picked just wasn't the right one for you. Some folks are really really sensitive to silicones, and unfortunately they're
  14. For anyone who uses Purpose foaming wash (in pump bottle) here's a tip...it is EXACTLY the same thing as Johnson's Baby Wash (in a yellow pump bottle, found in baby-care area of the drugstore). I compared the ingredients and not one bit of difference, except that you get way more for your money. I find that a foaming gel cleanser is better for removing makeup personally. Although foaming agents aren't really doing the cleansing, whatever else is in there just makes the makeup melt off w/out sc
  15. Consistent use of BP in a regimen that also includes glycolic acid has been the most successful formula for me in the past, but has been frustrating because about all you can find is 10% which is horribly drying. Therefore, can't stay on it consistently or I look 20 years older! Also that site was non-commercial helped; acne-sufferers are sold a bill of goods on a daily basis.