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  1. I've also being using Witch Hasel lately but it doesn't seem to be working...I've been trying to get my acne on face cleared up but useing the witch hasel for about three weeks works then my face starts to break out again......what else should i try?
  2. I know shampoo has some ingredients that cause pimples and black heads around your hair line and neck.....so i gotta ask is there a shampoo that can still clean your hair but not cause the acne in those places i mentioned? I googled it but i couldn't find anything so mabey you ppl could help me with it? Nick
  3. Ok i have heard storys that Meat and Dariy is bad for your skin! is it true? Is there any safe food besides veggies and Fruits that i can eat? Nick
  4. SO i see it must be a good antibiotic if so many people use it on here. Nickabocker
  5. Yes i know you have to take it on a full stomic....What would be a good mouring braekfest to eat with this pill......That can also be ood for my diet (does that make sencE) Nickabocker
  6. I pick my face right now myself but when i do it i am going after the white heads that i tend to dev. over night and over the course of the day....Is that bad...I only do it cuz i hate people looking at my face and seeing a huge white head right on my chin or nose or check ETC....ANy help here? Nickabocker
  7. I was put on it a little while ago but i found that i would feel like i would throw up and stuff like that......Did/does anyone else have that feelin? Nickabocker
  8. Ummm hey i got prescribed Doxycycline the other day and i was wondering if that Acne antibiotic is a good one? Nickabocker
  9. Just wondering if Stress couses Acne? if it does what is a way to deal with stress I seem to have alot in my life... Nickabocker
  10. 1. 15/end of 8th grade 2. are good one of course ') 3. Math 4. lanuage 5. Math 6. none but i like to hang with my GF after school *hehehe* 7. very good with computers 8. Math,Lanuage,history, and a study skills class(to help me with my tests) 9. its all right, could do better things thoe 10. Go to coledge Nickabocker
  11. Thanks i think i am going to try to not drink milk anymore and other dairy stuff oh and cut way back on my candy and pop mabey evern jsut stop haveing it!!!! thanks to all... I'll tell you all if it works in one mounth but mabey in 2 weeks then 2 after that. ANy other advice? Nickabocker