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  1. Alright so I have been a member for awhile now, I don't post too much but I read and browse some. Ive always struggled with body acne, I don't have a severe case. Mine has always been moderate but mostly mild but flares up at times. I bodybuild and exercise alot and ive tried nearly everything anyone has suggested on this foum and else where. a few things ive tried, bp, SA acid, tea tree oil, mandelic acid, vinegar, head n shoulders routine, multiple exfoliators, washes, gold bond powder, etc
  2. I know this a SUPER old thread but the ignorance in this thread astounds me! PH or pro hormones once processed by the liver CONVERT into an active steroid! They are not mild AI's (inhibitors). Yes 6oxo, novedex are but not the PH's like superdrol or what is now cloned as mdrol and many others, phera, bold (eq), hdrol (halodrol), tren, winny, 3ad, protodrol to name just a few. Some DS (designer steroids) don't even need conversion they are already an active steroid like epi (havoc, epidrol). Sad
  3. no no and no i have been bodybuilding/weight training for a few years and have been on probably 20+ creatine products and it NEVER has increased my acne or made anything worse creatine is already naturally produced in the body, its a fuel source for ATP, its used to supply energy to our muscles, (It is produced in the liver, pancreas, and kidneys, and is transported to the body's muscles through the bloodstream.) and please dont waste your money on any of this hyped up muscletech/bsn produc
  4. wow dude looks just like mine, only thing thats worked for me is tanning in the summer, salt water, and some 10% benz gel,but man ive tryed about damn everything and nothing has ever cleared me!
  5. i never found a correlation ive been on monohydrate, cee, kre-alkelyn, gulconate creatine, basically every form
  6. i find no correlation..... i have 3-5 shakes a day along with every meal... i doesnt cause me to break out... but try WPI whey protein isolate if your worried about the milk
  7. creatine is not unsafe at all man, there has been long term studies and everything, some studies even show that creatine is good for your heart and certain parts of your brain, whey protein is 100% fine it comes from milk, during the process of turning milk into cheese, whey protein is seperated out, and is a staple in any bodbuilders diet, even those who dont bodybuild its fine for ya, and creatine our bodies naturally make it, which is used to supply energy to our muscles, it is produced in th
  8. there are much better products for your money then bsn's no xplode... .. check out www.bodybuilding.com.... and as far as a good creatine i would go with universal storm and if you would like a good preworkout booster go with universtal shock therapy i am on that stack right now they are both solid products... great price and 80 servings you cant beat it... and no xplode also has caffeine which i found to make me break out and it doesnt have enough actually creatine its more of a prework out boo
  9. yeah i went ahead and order 5lbs of dead sea salt from saltworks.... ill keep everyone posted ... suppose to be here may 9th
  10. well i guess everyone is diff...when i switched from sa products to bp for my body acne WOW worked so much better and ive tryed neutrogenas body wash, and the neutrogena body scrub, st. ives apricot scrub, pauals choice 2% acid, to name a few
  11. do you guys think that the dead sea salt would be better than just the normal sea salt.. or more effective... you can get it from saltworks [Edited link out]
  12. looks interesting.. "in addition to salicylic acid, BB&B Acne Lotionâ„¢ also contains Boric Acid, Benzoic Acid, Menthol, Eucalyptol and Thymol" let me know how it goes for you