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  1. I'm pretty sure getting it removed isn't the only option and I know that wasn't an option for me because it can easily make it grow back even worse. I get cortisone injections in mine because I have a small one on my shoulder and another where I had my punch biopsy on my side. It took three or four injections to get it the one on my side to go down and it's still very pink. My dermatologist said he does not want to inject it more because it can make it worse, so I can only imagine how removin
  2. This post isn't about me, it's actually for my boyfriend. I want to help him and I don't know how since I don't have back acne really. I really don't mind his back acne too much, but he has a lot of red scars and he gets huge pimples on his back and has many at one time. I really want to try to help him get rid of them because I can tell that they are extremely painful. He has acne on his face, but it's not quite as bad as his back. He works with pool chemicals so he gets these red bumps on
  3. My boyfriend has acne all over his back, it's kind of gross, but it doesn't bother me that much. I've had my fair share of acne too and now I have a bunch of mysterious red bumps all over my body and they don't bother my boyfriend at all. I just worry more that I hurt him when I touch his back because some of his are real big and for some stupid reason he doesn't do anything to try and get rid of them, even though they hurt him sometimes. Some men are so lazy.
  4. We know it isn't acne, but my internist thought it was pityriasis rosea. I asked if I should see my dermatologist and he said he didn't think I had to. I have them all over my breasts, back, stomach, legs, and upper arms and really bad on my sides. Then in a week when the bumps got more painful and plentiful. Internist told me to see my dermatologist. I saw my dermatologist and he said it was a bacterial skin infection and gave me Cipro for 10 days. I also had a biopsy to see if it was pos
  5. I'm pretty sure it is, although I wish it weren't. It seems to be shrinking slightly now, still hurts though. I think it's trying to form a head. I put ice on it last night because of how warm it was. I'll do that again when I get home from class today. And I know, but I got so used to not getting cysts and now I randomly get one and it ticks me off! I hate cysts!
  6. I'm on 200 mg of Aldactone and I'm on Yasmin. My acne has been extremely good for about 10 months and it still is, but now I am getting a cyst for the first time since then. I have PCOS and my period started today and last night was when this stupid thing came up. I forgot how horrible these things hurt and look. It's right on my upper right cheek and it's making my whole cheek red. It hurts, it's warm, and it's extremely swollen. There's a nice red dot in like the center of it, but it isn'
  7. Is it possible your acne is hormonal? If it is or even if it isn't, you should possibly try Aldactone (often referred to as Spiro around here by it's long generic name). I tried a lot of the same things you did and I am the same age as you and my skin sounds about the same as your's (minus the fact that I have dark hair and dark eyes, but very pale skin). My face also couldn't stand Retin-A. Everytime something would work on my face, it would stop after a while and usually end up drying my s
  8. Yes, that was my point too. Hormones are always changing, so you can still have a hormonal imbalance and not really know it, I guess. A doctor though would obviously have the last say. And as I said, it took me two weeks to improve. I don't know if anyone else has ever been as lucky, but it is probably unrealistic to think that most will be cleared in 2 weeks.
  9. I would still try it if my hormonal tests are normal. Why not try it? Especially if your acne isn't responding to anything else, I'd figure it'd be worth a shot. My hormones should have been normal by the time I had started taking Aldactone, but no. I think you can still have a hormonal acne without a hormonal imbalance in the blood, but that's my opinion.
  10. I like having my period once a month. Makes me believe I'm not magically pregnant or something and you can get some break through bleeding with taking active pills a few months in a row. So I'd rather just stick to having a period every month, because my body already did before I was on birth control anyway (which is strange because I have PCOS and most people have irregular periods with PCOS). Plus, I'd figure it would make the period be lighter than having it wait 3 months to start, but tha
  11. I use Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse also, the lightest shade. It is very natural looking and covers red spots very well. I also use Cover Girl powder though too (once again the lightest shade) and everyone loves my make-up. Well, people who want me to be more out there and wear more out there make-up, don't, but I do.
  12. I sleep with my make-up on often and I usually don't have any troubles. But that's just me and my acne is hormonal.
  13. Personally, I use Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse. It is easy to use I think and it covers red spots pretty well. You get a make-up sponge, dip it in the mousse (it is not very hard or liquidy, it is nice) and then you just rub it on your face evenly. It's the best make-up I have ever used and I have used Covergirl foundation (which comes right off, but is nice to use as a spot concealer), Clinique, and a few other brands that I can't think of at the moment. I also use some powder though. I
  14. They can test the blood for certain hormones and also if it doesn't respond to normal acne medications, it is usually seen as hormonal, as mine was. Also too, if your acne happens to flare up right before your period they see it as hormonal as well. I hope that helps.