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  1. I do the same thing...i'm freaking out big time right now because i picked at a few spots and now they are bigger and red. I'm really scared I've scarred my skin, it looks so awful and I'm walking around with my head down all the time. Then it's a vicious cycle of regret and panic, why did I do it? For me, the answer has been getting to the point where I can't handle it on my own anymore so I am going to counselling and on antidepressants. If it's becoming a major problem for you you might want
  2. I can so relate. I avoid any sort of dating situation because I know there will inevitably be that moment where they are staring at my skin under bright lights. Better to avoid it altogether. I can't stop thinking 'what if' and how different my life would be. I go to work in the morning and rush home at night, and it's hard for me to leave my house. I make excuses to friends so I can avoid having people see me. Not the most fun life. And I hear you with the feeling sorry stuff...I know there are
  3. I think my parents meant well but they never treated it like a big deal "everyone gets zits, don't worry about it." I do wish they had taken it more seriously, because at 15 and 16 I had no idea that it would scar my skin and just left it. So there are times when I do feel angry when I'm having a bad day, like maybe if they would have taken me to a derm earlier I wouldn't be dealing with all these scars.
  4. Has anyone used fraxel for raised scars?
  5. I ordered the Curad scar strips for some bumpy scars/red marks, but I've read on a lot of threads that any improvement is due to the compression and is temporary. I've only been using them for a week but when I peel off the strip in the morning the area does look a lot less bumpy. At first I thought it was my imagination but it seems to last thru the day and look better under makeup. I'm hoping if I wear them for longer the improvement will continue, but who knows. sounds like this could be
  6. I totally agree. Did you ever see that Seinfeld where Jerry's girlfriend looked hideous some times and then great other times? That's how I feel, in the right lighting I catch my reflection and think, wow, it's not so bad, then five minutes later I'm in another mirror with caked on makeup, bumps and holes everywhere. I actually plan things based on lighting sometimes.
  7. I did five IPL treatments and they hurt and turned my face red for a few days, but in the end I didn't notice ANY improvement.
  8. The trick with green is to use as little as possible so it just has a fair tone...too much will look obvious in most lighting. Try putting it onto your finger and blending it with a sponge. My skin is really dry too, my trick is to put some Vaseline on the dry spots a few minutes before the makeup.
  9. Not sure about #4 but the first 3 are the same thing, just different product names.
  10. Really really liking a guy but being too insecure to hang out with him unless it's dark. Not exactly conducive to a long term relationship. Driving guys away with what they think is indifference but is really insecurity. Then sitting at home wishing and wishing (tho I know it does no good) that my skin was clearer and I could be out enjoying a date or party like the normal population without feeling grotesque. So I guess it's all the missed opportunities.
  11. One thing to try might be injectibles...I had artecoll for scars on my forehead and although they are still visible it minimized them quite a bit. It might be good to try after a dermabrasion if they are still noticeable. Well .. it's all your choice now. I honestly think Exoderm sounds better, but I haven't had either procedures done. Did you try to PM animegirlie? I'm sure she wouldn't mind helping you ^^ ←
  12. I know there are lots of threads here about tca, i have been looking into them at the dermatologist office. I saw 100% tca on ebay, I'm wondering if it would help me...I have some pitted scars and an annoying patch of orange peel skin i desperately want to get rid of. Is this safe to do at home? I know some ppl have used this peel but how long is the downtime, and is this safe? I don't want my skin to look any worse than it already does.
  13. I have some icepick scars on my forehead but I am more concerned with small, bumpy red scars that have appeared around my mouth. I have tried many different things to get rid of them and am getting frustrated. I am wondering about peels - most of the posts here are people using them for indented scars. Has anyone had any success with any type of peel for bumpy scars?
  14. thanks so much! I've just been so frustrated with this whole thing...I've tried so many things with no real improvement. I know better than to get my hopes up but I also don't want to get overly discouraged yet.
  15. Hi, I had pulsed dye laser treatment for persistent redness around my chin. It's been three weeks and the bruises have faded, but it's now just as red or even slightly redder than before. I can't find much on the Internet about this. Of course now I am getting paranoid that the laser did absolutely nothing, even tho it really bruised and apparently most of the time that means it did something! If anybody has had this and knows anything about it I would so appreciate your feedback. It was the Ph