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  1. Vinegar is a contact antiseptic. IE once it's gone, it stops working. BP works by decomposing over several hours into antiseptic chemicals, so Vinegar would be a poor substitute for BP.
  2. 1 week to clear up pimples that size is actually very fast. But at your age, if their causing you such trouble that you were put on antidepressants then you should see your derm and talk to him about accutane. Of course if your depression isn't directly caused by the acne, that's probably a bad idea since 'tane can cause/worsen depression.
  3. 180 could actually be cause by pregnancy. Some girls get acne when pregnant and some get the best skin they've ever had in their lives.
  4. I'm curious how long males (sorry females, cyclical acne makes your results less reliable) who've stopped using BP cold turkey have gone before acne started returning. Me, I go about 5 days before bumps emerge. 10-12 days before redness that remains after washing.
  5. Melek

    Help Me.

    They're zits that aren't inflamed yet. Sometimes they go away. Sometimes they stick around for many months. Benzoyl Peroxide increases the number of them by reducing the number of zits that become inflamed. Your options: Squeeze them... have a red mark for many days/weeks and have them come back four times out of five Ignore them... hope they go away sooner rather than later Up medication to deliberately dry the everloving CRAP out of your face. Your entire face will peel off and you'll look
  6. Acids do nothing for me (strange since my problem is mostly clogged pores/whiteheads much more than inflamed pimples). Benzoyl is the only medication I've seen results with.
  7. Walmart brand is cheap enough ~$3 for 1 oz. Equate. Really the only 10% topical I've had good success with is the no longer made "Benzoil". I find oxy 10% bp wash works better than any topical I've tried since.
  8. 70% complete remission after two courses sounds pretty damn good to me. I don't want my hair to fall out and my liver to explode tho. I drink enough my liver probably couldn't handle tane. Nah, the real reason I don't take it is no insurance... and while I could afford to not eat for a few months to buy the pills, the bloodwork is more than likely out of my price range. I do dream of a day when I wont have to choose between flaking skin or bumpy skin or rub crap into my face 2x a day tho.
  9. This woman is very dumb and has a husband who is aware of this fact and put it to his advantage. That's just my opinion. Sperm is majorly carbs with some protein thrown in for good measure. Any vits and mins in it can be gotten easily from a more reliable source (you don't know where he's been). Of course if you suggest this to your boyfriend, he may do a fonz thumbs up... so it has that going for it. Be warned tho, he's gonna want to take pictures.
  10. I've got the "lots of bumps" type of acne and No treatment lets it get out of control, BP 2x a day clears it away in 1-2weeks. Whats your source for this info?
  11. Masturbation affects acne in the exact same way as sex. Meaning through hormone levels. It's very complex and likely in MOST people completely insignificant, but a VERY simplified version of it is: Sex for men bad for acne Sex for wimminz good for acne
  12. Definately disagree. Try washing your face 2x a day with a 10% BP cleanser and watch your skin flake away like you were exposed to radiation ~3 weeks later. It's working. There are also some cleansers that include mineral oil (CnC continuous) I'd assume for the sole purpose of increasing the amount of medication that remains on the skin. The gentle wash followed by a medicated wash is interesting... since I've found that nonmedicated washes typically are far better at actually washing than th
  13. About sushi. Firstly, Most sushi has no seaweed in it. Only nori(sp?) rolls. And that's not even seaweed. It's algae cakes. Each sheet (usually 6-12 of the standard cut rolls, I'm guessing ~2 of the conical ones) contains just over 1/10th of your RDA for iodine.
  14. Can I ask why you don't just get back on the pill? Yeah, it'll suck to have a year of acne if/when you do wanna get pregnant. But seriously, from what I've heard the pill is nothing but good for 99.9% of women (lessens bad shit rather than causing it) and an ~1/day pill to completely cure acne? Shit I don't know anyone who wouldn't kill for that. Hell, a lot of women get on the pill AND accutane (which has loads of bad shit that goes along with it) and feel lucky THAT works for em. The pill alon