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  1. I would recommend talking to your doctor about this so-called flush procedure--there might be risks and complications. Or if you want to do it, do it under your doctor's supervision. I am also doubtful on how effective this treatment would be for people who are "poor healers" or for ex-Accutane users...if this were the case, doctors would have their patients perform this disgusting procedure. Just because there are "studies" and "results" published on websites does not mean it works or th
  2. Hello, I am very impressed with the knowledge and dedication all of you have finding and testing scar treatments. I know there are acne scar classifications (icepick, boxcar, rolling), but I'd like to know if there's a site with photographs showing each type of acne scar? I found sites that explain the types of acne scars, but could not find a site that had photos of the different scar types. Or if there were photos, they only showed one type. A link from you experts would be appreciated--m
  3. Hi, I have taken oral antibiotics for years to control my acne. But I have developed stomach problems as a result and I am unable to tolerate the follow antibiotics: Tetracycline Minocycline Doxycycline Acromycin Ethromycin Cleocin Is anybody using a new oral antibiotic that won't upset the stomach? Has anybody ever tried Amoxicillin?? I went thru 2 cycles of Accutane, so I won't ever do that again. I am hoping there's something out there, because now I am breaking out badly since
  4. Buy the dermaroller. I did. Even my dermatologist who was trained under Dr. Fernandes feels the cosmetic roll-cit is overpriced.
  5. If any of you are interested in finding a doctor who performs needling using Dr. Fernandes' method, go the www.environ.co.za and email him. He answered my email, and referred me to a doctor in Beverly Hills, who in turn gave me the name of my dermatologist here in Hawaii who does the needling technique.
  6. Hi, I had my first professional needling done. My dermatologist said that it will take anywhere from 3 to 18 months for collagen to grow back, so results are not immediate with needling. It depends on how fast your skin regrows collagen.
  7. I had CO2 laser resurfacing and only got minimal improvement in my forehead area. But most areas were worse, as the scars became bigger and more noticeable. I am left with orange peel looking skin. The down time was very long--a little over a month, plus there was so much you had to do post-op. I wear contacts, and I couldn't put them in for about 2 weeks. Nor could I wear my glasses for a month because of having Aquafor on my face. So my husband had to change my dressings for the first week
  8. Hi, I hate to sound dumb, but what is TCA and where do you buy it? I have been reading posts on how people dip toothpicks in it and poke the middle of their acne scars with TCA and of the TCA Cross Method. This is new to me--it is not done in Hawaii, so that's why I haven't heard about it. Maybe somebody knows of a link that explains this procedure step by step. Thanks for your help.
  9. Traditional Dermabrasion: 10% improvement on scars Laser resurfacing: 15% improvement in some areas; others look worse or no improvement at all Microdermabrasion: 0% improvement
  10. I'd have to get my entire face needled to look like Freddy and scare the kiddies at Halloween.... And you should ask your dermatologist or doctor for some valium that you can take prior to the needling. Well, the second day I was still swollen on my chin--it looked like somebody bopped me on the chin but good. I had all these little whiteheads which made my chin looked like a pizza face. There was some itching, but I would soak the area with warm water and reapply EssentiA oil and that re
  11. Hi, I had laser resurfacing done a year ago. It left me with orange peel skin and the acne scars are more noticeable. To make matters worse, I developed severe cystic acne a month and a half after the resurfacing, so I developed new scars. And if that wasn't bad enough, my cosmetic doctor injected too strong a solution of cortisone into my skin, and I was left with 4 huge dents on my face. It took 6 months for three of the dents to fill in completely. But the biggest dent has not filled in, and
  12. I will be going to a dermatologist trained by Des Fernandes in November for a needling session. However, I have done a little needling on myself. The best needles to use are BEADING needles. These needles are very thin and fine, compared to regular sewing needles. I had a laser resurfacing in January--didn't help at all--but the needling seems to be working. I'll let you know how the professional needling works out. To prevent disturbing the new collagen surface on your skin, this has w
  13. Hi Schwizzard, I did sign a release form saying there was no guarantee, blah blah blah, but that does prevent me from suing. I was told by my dermatologist and her friend (a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon) that I would take a year to heal. The plastic surgeon also stated that if you're prone to cysts before laser (even though your acne is under control), you will probably break out in huge cysts like I did afterwards. Even people who never break out develope millia after laser. My laser
  14. I use Environ's C-Boost creme and their Colostrom Gel, combined with the Dermaroller.
  15. Hi Elle, I have had laser resurfacing done 6 months ago, and it's no picnic. I would have to agree with Hozer that laser resurfacing sucks. However, I had a dermabrasion years ago and found that the maximum improvement is only 20%. Supposedly you get 60-80% of scars with lasers, but that's not true either, as you can see. At this point, I'm not sure what the percentage is. I don't know if you ran into this problem, but a month and a half after my resurfacing, I broke out terribly with cysts