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  1. Okay, I get some really bad ingrown hairs on my heck and adam's apple region, and I do all of the shaving tips like shaving with the grain. Accutane is to acne as XXXXX is to ingrown hairs? Can anyone solve this for me? What is the best ingrown hair cream to apply after shaving? I assume an Alpha Hydroxy Acid or Glycolic Acid? Thanks.
  2. I took my first course of tane (40-40-40-60-60) during my senior year in HS. Took my second course a year later during my freshman year in college (30-30-30-40-40-40 or something along those lines). I really only have mild acne to begin with but I have very oily skin so I thought tane would be perfect. I was clear 2 months into my first course but it came back about 2 months after I finished but not as bad. My second course took about 3 or 4 months to get me clear and it is now coming back a
  3. Moisturizer works well to prevent it but if you have it and you want to treat put some hydrocortisone cream on it. That'll get rid of it quick
  4. Well, I went to a different derm yesterday and we both agreed accutane wasn't really neccessary. I barely have any zits coming in and they don't really bother me. My skin is still extremely oily and it SUCKS a big one. I don't think that my oil works in conjunction with my acne since my face is very oily but there are barely any zits. I was prescribed 75 mg of mino but I don't think I want to take that for fear of an initial breakout when I don't even have zits really... I am now washing my
  5. I'm 4 months post tane...(40-40-40-60-60) course. After about 2 months after I stopped taking it, my oil came back and some zits started coming back. I didn't think too much of it but now it is getting very bad. My face is very oily again... BAD BAD BAD. The zits aren't that bad and I can live with them... they're only a few. But the fact that my face is extremely oily again is killing me. I tried to go back on tane but I had to get a new derm and she wouldn't let me go back on. Accutane
  6. I was on 40 for the first 3 months and then switched to 60 for another 2 months. I was worried about upping my does too but nothing happened so dont sweat it. Accutane cleared me up 99% as I'm a week done with my course and just waiting for the remaining redmarks to leave and the side effects to go away. Love the results!
  7. moisturizing shouldn't be what's breaking you out. make sure your moisturizer is oil-free and non-comedegenic. if you dont moisturize and get dry skin, that is even worse for your acne and will cause more breakouts
  8. I wouldn't worry too much about a breakout from upping your dosage. I upped from 40 to 60 after the first 3 months were on 40 and nothing happened. The side effects didn't even really change. Don't take the anitbiotics you have, they shouldn't be taken with accutane and if you haven't taken them in a while then they could spark a breakout.
  9. What do you mean by colour starting to come to your face? Is the redness going away? Also, I have very bad razor burn on my neck and I'm hoping it will go away after accutane. I get a lot of zits on my neck from shaving but I don't get zit anywhere else as I'm pretty much clear. So I absolutely know its from shaving since they only come right after I shave. Did you get pimples on your neck from shaving in addition to razor burn?
  10. No its great. It helps remedy the drying effects of accutane so you want to be drinking as much water as possible so keep it up
  11. Accutane has done it for me and I had the oiliest face ever... I know you said with the exception of, but just backing the drug up.
  12. anyone? I want to try this tonight
  13. I used to use an electric but i switched to wet shaving with a razor to get a closer shave. I would have to go over so many times with the electric to get a close shave that it would cause a lot of irritation anyway.