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  1. here cortisone injections cost 6 dollars per 9 shots. what i do is to push out the pus after 2 days. the pus goes out fully without any formed blood!.. =) that way less scarring and not that seen by people. sometimes that is not adviseable too.
  2. =).. how about using a cortisone injection on those? in the philiipines i can avail it for about 6dollars.. 9 cysts.. =)
  3. maybe u got a skin that is burned or something but not yet flakey.. wait for ur skin to heal.. ur skin is like u. it needs rest from a treatment. maybe u overused a product. treat ur skin as if its so important it protects u from harm. it is ur first line of defense. treat it good. it is not definitely not your enemy.. and now ur skin is sick. it needs your care =) drink lotz of fluid and vitamin c or ascorbic acid plus a high dose of vitamin E like about 1000 i.u. a day and you would see
  4. smoke.. according to my dermatologists: 1st hand smoke : it would build some toxins on u.. coz u smoke..smoke contains alot of thousands of chem. or toxins that mixes with blood.. 2nd hand smoke : smoke would act like barbecue on u specially on a smokin area around a club or night pub.. it would definitely clog ur pores with ash (smoke contains ash!!) hope this helps.. smoking affects every aspect in life.. im a chain smoker befor.. now im changing my life.. im 19 and i f
  5. hey its ok coz they got thesame BP which wud clear u up. use a generous amount though coz ur going down d dosage to 2.5 . if u can find erythromycin gel find one for substitute.
  6. thx u replied. i think ur a good help. anyway my derm told me to be back to her 2 weeks from now. so maybe i should try tetracycline. my only problem right now is my old cystic acne that turned to blue-green-black color maybe this is the macule u guys are talking about. how would i get rid of this? i got about 3 now. it came when i used the BP. when the cysts flattened these blood formation underneath my skin formed. i want to get rid of them but i dont know how. maybe someone would shed some ad
  7. i dont use moisturizer and infact ive got mild to moderate acne.. i use bP 5% in a water based gel (BENZAC AC 5) and i dont get any problemz now. =) when it is really needed to moisturize i do.. and its just 3x or 4x a week.. hope this helps. when your skin is oily u dont need to moisturize as long as u can stand on the regimen.
  8. i think the one u are reffering to is the 6 tratment GAP of dermvlinic. GAP or glycolic acid peeling of 20 % in each week for 3 straight weeks with pricking and stuff.. dermisol is like clyndamycin i think ive been to that dermclinic stuff it workd wonders but its kinda costy.. so im trying this dan's regimen first before goin to that regimen. and it uses tretinoin which is really making u break out. alot. im considering ro accutane if this stuff wont work. the dermatologists from let
  9. hey guys.,.. ive been from my dermatologist and she said in two weeks im in BENZAC AC 5% and tetracycline twice a day acne would not clear up she would give me ro accutane,.. here is the trick: 20 mg three times a week so dat would make me take it for monday wednsday and friday at night only.. would dat take effect??? i need advices.. ro accutane is not cheap for me. #
  10. thx for d reply..!! hope some ppl wud also reply...
  11. size=18]HEY! ive just visited my doctor and she told me if the benzoyl wont work i am goin to try accutane.. 20 mg once per day 3 times per week. that would make me drink it at monday wednesday and friday nights only for 2 and a half months. would that take effect? in that way no side effects wud be felt..
  12. ] STILL NO REPLIES MADE BY YOU.. =( (*,) (*,) (*,)
  13. hey anyone who knows an AHA moisturiser available in manila?
  14. in my case some of the cystic whitehead go out for 2 days i can push them out thru a tool i bought. then when blood comes out it wud dry in 4 days and peel off and nothing.. =) jsut remembr when u pop be sure its poppable and use alcohol and cotton balls and or hydrogen peroxide.. =) hi co- asians msg me .=)
  15. Ive been on the regimen for 2weeks now.. these are wat ive got : (anyway thanx to DAN ur a great guy im passing ur site to fellow filipinos here) =D> -AM- and -PM- cetaphil antibacterial bar BENZAC AC 5% (since there's no BENZAC 1/2 in manila i guess msg me if there is) moisturiser ( i also need help w/c is better cetaphil moisturising cream with spf15 or the lotion type?) these are wat happend: i peeled off but now its ok