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  1. Soooo....tomorrow I go in for my appt to start month three on tane. I have been wanting to get my nose pierced and decided to wait till after my course for some odd reason. Now, I am really getting the itch to do it. Anyone know if this is a "safe" piercing to get while on tane?
  2. Sooooo I am on accutane, around week 6 maybe? Anyway. I am currently using a PC moisturizer but I am finding that it isn't quite enough and the bottle is small and I will reorder a ton if I want to keep using it. I was browsing at the store today and saw this new Dove ProAge line....cleanser, night cream, and daytime lotion....has anyone ever used this? Just curious since I am basically a product whore. As much I love Paula's Choice, it is a real pain in the you know what to have to ord
  3. DAYS 34-41 Wow day 41 today? That is INSANE! I can't believe it. The time is really just flying by. Things have been going really well. My face seems to be clearing up from straight on. My cheeks and chin and forehead are super clear. The right side of my face on the jawline seems to be finally starting to calm down, I was getting awful cysts on that side. I got a huge one on the left side of my chin a few days about that is just starting to go away. I have had a cyst on the right temp
  4. I second the rimmel. I have a purple and blue color that I use that stay on till I take it off. Plus, it is super cheap. Mary Kay makes good eye liners in those colors as well.
  5. Hi there sorry to hear about the rough time with the derm and that you aren't feeling the greatest! I just wanted to chime in about your triglycerides. I am only going in to month two of mine and just saw my doctor last week, and she told me that my triglycerides would most likely go up and that they don't really worry too much unless they go over 500 because it isn't permanent. I am not sure if your derm is the same way? I hope your dosage doesn't get lowered, but if he does it is only to k
  6. Days 28-33 I made it through my first month! I think I started my titration too soon because I ended up taking 40 mg for four days until my appt so I wouldn't run out of pills. I am back on the 60 mg now. My appt went well. I had my labs drawn. My cholesterol is still borderline high. I can't wait till May is over, I am in a wedding and then I can start exercising like I normally do and eating right. I am scared of losing weight and the dress just hanging on me and not looking right
  7. Pics throughout my course
  8. I love her products! They are so good If you look in my sig, you can see the products of hers that I use. The only downfall is that you have to order off of the internet. I wish I could just buy it at Target
  9. Okay here is the deal. I am almost one month into my tane treatment and the past couple of days have had these tiny zit-like things on my lips. What the heck! Is anyone else having this? You can't see unless you look very closely, but it is a very weird feeling when I rub my lips together and there are all these little bumps. I am not even sure if they are zits or what is going on.
  10. I really like MK signature ultimate mascara, it is really nice My roomie's mom is a consultant and she has soooooooo much MK stuff (the HUGE compact filled with eye shadows, ect). I love their eye shadows and the eye primer. Nice stuff.
  11. DAYS 22-27 So things have been going so-so. I have my really good days and my so-so days. I haven't been getting as many cysts as I was. My skin is getting pretty fragile. I tried to pop a zit today and a layer of skin just came off of it and it is huge red and gross. Note to self, no more trying to pop zits. My skin hasn't been overly dry at all. I thought it was going to be a lot drier, but then again things could change and change fast I suppose. My eyes seem to be taking a tol
  12. Oh I am too! The tips of my fingers on my thumbs are peeling! I also find that my nails seem to split a lot easier now too.
  13. DAYS 18-21 Well hello my fellow taners! It has been a while since I have posted. I am trying not to be on the boards so much and obsess about my skin and it's condition. Things are going fairly well. Today I have had two people tell me that things are looking better already. I hope this isn't "the calm before the storm." I can also tell a difference. My zits are definitely not sticking around like they used too. They shrink so fast now. I have gotten a couple of scratches on my arms th
  14. DAY 17 My skin is looking a bit better today. I am getting the hang of liquid foundation once again so maybe that is why I think it is looking better. The headaches that I was getting have stopped so that really makes me happy. I am a bit drier today. Other than that nothing too new to report. I am not really getting too many side effects. I have dry lips, but they aren't peely or anything, just uncomfortable if I don't have something on them. The thing that seems to make me the most unco
  15. DAY 16 So day 16? Wow. Still breaking out. It is so strange how my skin appearance seems to change throughout the day. I can wake up looking so so, then mid day not so hot, then at night it can calm down. My zits aren't lasting long at all anymore. I have gotten a couple of cysts that felt like they were going to be those big painful ones that seemed to stop mid growth and by the end of the day there was a layer of dead skin on them. It is kind of nice. I am also very dry by the end of