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  1. Hi Pipowte, I just posted a long bit about my hairloss in the thread, "two courses of accutane .. . lasers?" Everyone is different though. THat's the risky part.
  2. sure! Well, with my first treatment, I started noticing hair getting stuck around my fingers as I washed my hair each night. This was the third month of my six month treatment. After that, I really started paying attention because before this, I was just irritated by my peeling lips. (and my family was irritated by my mood swings) I noticed more and more hair coming out in my brush and in the shower, but my skin looked great so what did I care. I chose my skin over my hair because my doctor sai
  3. expensive! thanks for the reply. I asked my doctor and he poo-pooed it. I think that's because it wasn't his idea. Anyway, I read that it was originally for varicose veins, but is now just starting to get popular in major cities like LA and NYC. They love it because it also stops the excessive oil production (which I have and is annoying). I'm going to persue it if I can.
  4. First of all, it is possible to combine treatments. I do. I have studied this extensively and I have a list of vitamins and etc. that I take each day. I follow a specific diet which I have made with the help of a healthfood store owner certified in supplements and all that jazz. I also take antibiotics, and they do work. The problem is, your body becomes to resisant to all antibiotics after a certain period of time. This is when different strains of acne appear in old places, or new acne appea
  5. Hi all, I've been doing this so long (discussing and stressing about my skin) and it's nice yet sad to see others going through pain that only we understand. I am a 26-year-old female, and I've been doing the dermatologist's "trial-and-error" thing since I was 14. My skin is not extremely bad, I am just a perfectionist who won't settle. My question ... I have had two separate courses of Accutane with great results for about 6 months following the end of the treatment. Then it's just back to s