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  1. Been on mino for almost 6 months, and it has been more effective than anything else I have tried for my acne. I'm practically 100% clear, but I keep worrying it's going to quit working one of these days and i will be backl where I started.
  2. I feel self conscious about my redmarks as well. Sometimes I think they aren't too noticeable, but other times I think they are all people look at and make me look really ugly.
  3. I have read various threads discussing how alpha hydroxy creams help with acne and millia. I just recently bought some that says it is 8%, and I was wondering if it will be strong enough to be effective? Would 10% be better?
  4. Clinique's acne solutions concealer works well too. It has sacylic aciid to help kill the pimple as well
  5. littlemiss


    I've been using scarzone for almost a week, and it has definitely faded my redmarks. It made my skin dry at first, but now I use it with moisturizer and it's much better.
  6. I'm on mino as well, and my doctor has perscribed that I take them twice a day. I would do whatever your derm has prescribed
  7. Tri-sprintec is a generic for ortho tri-cyclen. I am currently on tri-sprintec. My doc told me it takes almost six months to know for sure if birth control will help with your acne. I have been on it for two months, so we will see.....
  8. I use dermalogica products, although they are not specifically for acne. Their products are great for your skin! I have heard their acne line is a little drying however. So, make sure you have a good moisturizer.
  9. You could also try Clinique's Acne Solutions line. I use their coverup since it has SA in it. I am pretty sure they offer a foundation too.
  10. I think I have what you are talking about too. They are called milia. I wish I could find an effective way to get rid of them. I have heard that AHA lotion helps, but I have had no luck with the one I am using, which is Neutrogena. I have read in other threads that Alpha Hydroxy Enhanced cream works well becuase it has a high percentage of AHA in it. I am thinking of trying it once I am out of my nuetrogena lotion. Have you tried anything to get rid of them yet?
  11. God, I wish I could leave my house without makeup on! I only wear concealor and powder. But I hate looking at myself without makeup on, so I wear it whenever I go out. I have been trying to wear as little as possible lately. My face is actually pretty clear right now, but I have a lot of red marks on my chin. So, for them I wear some concealer, and then a little powder to make my skintone look more even. I hope one day I can comftorably leave my house without makeup on. Sigh....
  12. Leaving the mask on overnight will be fine. I do this often, but usually only as a spot treatment. It wont be harmful to leave it on your whole face, but it might make a little bit of a mess
  13. My boyfriend has clear skin, and I have mild to moderate acne. I hardly ever let him see me without makeup. Sometimes when I break out badly i am worried he is going to find another girl with clearer skin. But he never does. I bet this guy, like my boyfriend, likes you for who you are and thinks you are beautiful despite your acne.
  14. I just started taking it yesterday. I really hope it works. I would be curious to know who else has tried it and what they think.
  15. I had acne when I met my boyfriend, and he still asked me out. I feel a little uncomfortable when I wake up in the morning at his house with no make up on. We have been together for 4 months, and sometimes I wonder why he likes me when I look the way I do. My acne is pretty mild most of the time, but every once in a while (like right now) I get a major breakout. He still tells me I'm beautiful, even with red bumps on my face. So, I say go for it! If he doesn't like you becuase you don't lo