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  1. Thanks for replying. I use aromaleigh mineral makeup. I don't any problems with oilyness, just red, irritated, dry skin..that is now broken out only in the chin area. Gotta love it!!!! Any other suggestions, ritzvin was helpful, but I would like to hear from others. Thanks!!!!
  2. Hello! I am dealing with a nasty breakout. I am trying to decide if it could be from mineral makeup. I really would like to be able to wear it, but I am sooooo scared it will make me break out, especially since I have been breaking out lately. I have aromaleigh samples and was using them for about a week, when my skin became so dry, i had to quit. At that time, I would only do the regimen at night and not wash my face in the morning. My skin was so dry ( I have been on the regimen for a long
  3. The worst part is that although the jojoba oil does a really decent job of covering the flakies, my chin has been itchy lately. Especially where it is really dry. I want to itch it off!!!!!!!! It is driving me nuts. Does anyone else notice that the winter months just makes your skin so dry? I feel like an itchy flaking body! I did notice that only washing at night with Cetaphil and just splashing with water ever so gently in the morning cause less dryness. Gentleness is key here.
  4. I have been using the bp gel as soon as it became available. During the summer, I had absolutely no dryness or flaking. Now that the winter is here, I am feeling your pain! I use a very very very small amount on my chin area (only place that breaks out). I too use cetaphil as a face wash. I am very gentle with my skin, because with the flakes, I had the overwhelming desire to rub them off with a sock (sounds weird, but it worked), but I was left with a red, irritated face. So I am very gent
  5. I am surprised that Dan didn't know about it. You would think they would check just to make sure the info is accurate, but I guess that is not how it works! I would scan the article, but I don't have a scanner...
  6. I was wrong about the name...it is really Women's Health and Fitness magazine. I said it backwards. It is the Jan. 05 issue with Terry Polo think, Meet the Fockers. The page is 50 titled "Your skin problems solved." First they talk about what acne is then talk about when you should see a doctor. The question is asked, "How is it treated"? here it the answer word for word: "Acne.org recommends trying "the Regimen"- a daily routine that includes a cleanser, a moisturizer and a 2.5 percent ben
  7. Just thought I would let everyone know that in a magazine I just picked up, Women's Fitness and Health, featured a snippet about the regimen as a way to help eliminate acne. It listed the website and a small info piece on the steps. Thought this was really awesome to see it listed in a magazine. It has cleared me for two years now!
  8. sounds like razor burn. keep the soap on longer maybe to soften up the hairs...
  9. with the warmer weather, has anyone noticed that their skin is more shiny after applying moisturizer? all have done this to my face. eucerin has been the worst. i sure would like to find a moisturizer that didn't make my chin area look all shiny!
  10. i am 28 and have never worn foundation. i am so afraid of breaking out. i have pale skin that shows every pimple! what is a good foundation that has spf in it that will absolutely not break me out! i don't a lot of coverage...
  11. hello, i am starting to break out in my chin and jawline, even though i am doing the regimen. i looked back at dan's video and i am not putting on the same amount of bp. do i need to use more? the regimen seemed to be making my skin clear, but now i am breaking out a lot! i am trying to find a decent spf sunblock because i am a redhead and the bp makes my skin even more susceptible to burning after being in the sun. i am using a coppertone sunblock, but i seem to be breaking out. so i was
  12. never fails, whenever i use purpose during the day, my skin turns orange too. but when i would wash it off, it would disappear. i use the purpose at night and neutrogena spf 15 during the day.
  13. I just want to thank you all for helping me out. I did buy the coppertone stuff and I love that it isn't greasy at all. Hopefully (fingers crossed) it will not cause breakouts! I find that I still need to add moisturizer because my skin is dry from getting a bp sunburn.
  14. blitzjade, thanks...does it say it won't cause acne? i am so afraid to put stuff on my face! call me crazy...
  15. hello, i have red hair and pale skin and am finding that i am sunburning in the spot where I apply the bp gel. i am using neutrogena spf 15 moisturizer, but that isn't cutting it. can i just use a sunblock during the day instead of a moisturizer? if so what kind? i don't want to look like a huge grease ball, but this sunburn is making my skin horrible. it is extremely dry and flaky..and to top it off I am breaking out much more than usual. i hope someone has some good advice. thanks