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  1. Basically I took Accutane in 1997 (aged 22) to clear my acne (described as severe by my derm.) and it was highly successful. It returned mildly a couple of years ago and has remained very mild ever since. However, I'm constantly bothered by the thought of it returning despite the fact that in reality it has yet to develop into anything serious. Am I worrying unnecessarily?
  2. Why would you want to 'taper off' and not just stop completely?
  3. I wouldn't take any medication that's past it's expiry date and wouldn't self prescribe Accutane.
  4. Has this actually been PROVEN? AFAIK it hasn't. Anyway, when they decided to put me on it they just gave me a prescription which I collected from the hospital pharmacy (it had to be the hospital pharmacy when I took it, I presume this is still the case)
  5. Yes it's BP and is available in different strengths one of them being the 2.5% version. It has a reputation of being very drying and irritating on the skin although I use it with no real problems.
  6. In light of the above statement do you think you'll be able to stop drinking, or at least considerably reduce it, for several months? If you're sure you can then fair enough, I just think it's easier said than done.
  7. But do they (or anyone else on here) really know what they're doing or just think they do?
  8. That's what happened in my case, once he decided to prescribe Accutane I went back to the NHS for it. IMO if you've tried everything else and not responded you stand a good chance of getting it.
  9. Correct, just because you are paying doesn't mean you can specify any medication you want, the derm. still has to follow the same guidelines he would on the NHS. If you do indeed have severe acne (in the derms opinion) you should eventually be offered Accutane.
  10. In the UK it can only be prescribed by a derm. It is available on the NHS so therefore it would only cost the price of a presciption (although you may be exempt from this charge anyway). I believe there is a waiting list to see derms on the NHS, though I don't know how long this is.
  11. mrpj


    You can find lots of places to buy Accutane, whether you receive anything is a different matter and if you do it's quality may be questionable.
  12. Took it when I was 22 and remained clear (no pimples / further medication) until I was 30. Now 31 have had greasy skin for a year but still very few / small spots.
  13. You're better off going back to your derm. and doing it officially, although I appreciate it may take a while. Not only will this allow them to monitor your progress (as you seem to suffer bad side effects) but it also ensures your Roaccutane is legitimate. BTW I think it's against site rules to ask for sources of non-prescription medication
  14. I don't know how true that is as I hadn't even heard of it but still had it prescribed. IMO there are some seemingly knowledgeable people on this site but the derm. should be considered the 'expert' (I appreciate they are some bad ones out there) and so you should follow their instructions, should you be prescribed Accutane.
  15. That's so pathetic I find it neither funny or insulting.