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  1. So I've been wondering about this, especially for Summertime and mid-day workouts and other scenarios. I searched on the forums and faqs and it says that pores and follicles are separate, so not to worry about sweating away the treatment. But what does that mean practically? Will the treatment remain if I just pat my face dry but come off if I wash up?
  2. Oh, so maybe I need to work out at a different time? Because when I do, it wouldn't have been on for quite six hours and it will be a long time before my nighttime application.
  3. First of all, so many swear by it here, but what makes it so different from other multi-part systems that include bp? It's been a while since I used something that includes leave-on topicals. I always wondered what are you supposed to do if the activity of the day takes it off? Sweat it off, have to wash your face for some reason, go swimming, etc. Do you just let it go and assume some of it penetrated the surface and didn't come off? Or do you keep applying over and again? I'm now reading a
  4. I'm interested in people's experiences with Carley's Clear and Smooth. I see some improvement but I'm still getting new pimples about 2-1\2 weeks in. It's hard to judge it because of how I started. I used nanocleanse for a few years but they changed the formula on me. I started breaking out and started to scramble to find other things. Before settling on Carley's and committing to give it a real chance, my skin was at it's all time worst. I'm usually a pretty mild acne sufferer, but I'm looking
  5. I do this all the time since I'm a little OCD, but I hate the marks it leaves so I kind of want to be talked out of it. The reason I do it is because it feels like I've basically killed the pimple and now I'm just essentially waiting for a cut to heal. And it feels like that all goes faster than waiting out the actual life cycle of a pimple. Am I wrong? Does it just feel that way somehow? What else is bad about it?
  6. So I have mild acne, although I always thought it was more severe because of how I looked sometimes. But I realize that was usually all me. I compulsively could not leave well enough alone and attacked most zits I've ever had. If I had more than a couple, which wouldn't even be noticeable on their own, I ended up looking horrible because I had popped them and left a red spot or area where there would have just been a small flesh colored or slightly pink bump otherwise, in most cases. I recen
  7. So why did you stop? You still do it as an emergency treatment, so I take it you still think it works? I have started myself with this to see how it goes. I've been wanting to juice and couldn't figure out what to make, so I went with this, seeing as it make have a nice effect on an existing problem.
  8. I've tried using a bunch of things, including Nizoral, and my face is still usually quite oily by midday. I'm thinking sebum overproduction is my main issue.
  9. I'm from Eastern Massachusetts. I've seen stuff in Walgreens, that's was back when I was looking specifically for a "facial brush". I don't remember how stiff the body brushes were.
  10. I have this facial brush thing. But the bristles feel as soft as hair and about as effective as a feather duster. A lot of body brushes are to stiff for use on the face. I heard some people use a toothbrush, but I would want something that can cover more area and thus be quicker, although I guess TB bristles are about the strength that would be right. Any one use anything like that? Jess' brush in that picture looked good, but it would be nice if someone knew exactly where to get something like
  11. I used a few products that didn't work for me that had either of these in them. I'm right now using a serum which has 3 incredients; jojoba oil, sea buckthorn oil, and vegetable glycerin. My face went nuts. I don't know if the glycerin is to blame(the oils couldn't be, I think) or if it's a healthy purge going on.
  12. Since I've seen that Vitamin A helps curb sebum production and it helps with dead skin clumping and clogging, I decided to check it out. I hear it's also what Accutane either is based off of or even actually is or something like that. I went to Wild Oats and got some water dispersible Vitamin A 15,000 IU/pill. It says right on it how it helps maintain healthy skin. Any one else have experiences with this?
  13. I think it's natural remedies they don't want you to know about. I wondered if there was an acne section.