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  1. aaah yes! I remember those blood draws every month. I switched dermatologist because the second one I went to wouldn't give me the correct birth control pills! The switch was even worse because those Medical Assistant didn't know how to draw blood from my veins. Two MA's missed my vein. I almost asked them if I could draw my own blood since I was a MA years ago and never missed a vein. ...but the Accutane was definitely worth it. O:)
  2. Try Shiseido mattifying stick under the Pureness line. I heard it worked good.
  3. Benzamycin worked for me a year ago when I broke out with huge acne. Only thing I didn't like was that it made my face itch and burn really bad. Even after I washed it off a second time.
  4. I have not done gycolic peels for a long time because my face is too damn sensitive. The last time I had one was at a facial salon where the lady used 5% gycolic acid but had to wash it off right away because it burned really bad. I also used to buy gycolic acid from the facial salon and do it myself. The highest I have ever gone to was 10% and the last time I used it was at 5%. I am a weakling! Right now I use alpha hydroxy at less than 4%.
  5. Someone asked about how to use dermablend. I used to use this stuff when I just finished on Accutane. After it got too dry, I started mixing the dermablend with moisterizer to make it into a foundation. ...but that didn't last long because I got tired of mixing. Sometimes I would mix in too much moisterizer and sometimes not enough and it just took too much of my time.
  6. I use an alpha hydroxy moisterizer from Kiss My Face (www.kissmyface.com), a tinted moisterizer with spf 15 from Shiseido, and pressed powder by Shiseido. Eye make-up I use Aveda's Aura eyeshadow, and Shiseido's black mascara and black eyeliner. For lips, I have a ton of different shades and brands! I am a lipstick lover like some of you! Anyway, right now I'm wearing Avon's stay put lipstick in mauve...and it really stays put! I have quite a few lipsticks and lipgloss from Shiseido and
  7. animegirle, thanks for those links! I like knowing what products are good and not good because I have really sensitive skin so this will help me lots! Thanks again!
  8. I had some side effects. I had the usual dry lips, nose, etc but I also had memory delay. When someone talked or asked me a question, it would take me some time to figure out what they said and to respond was pretty difficult too. It was like I knew I had a problem but I had no control over it. Plus, I also knew that accutane causes side effects from mild to extreme so I was somewhere in between and just hoped that they went away when I finished the drug. I also had other side effects but
  9. You ARE cute! I have scars too from Accutane (took it about a year ago). I am using an alpha hydroxy moisterizer which seems to help with the scarring but it's working slowly. I have used gycolic acid too but this was when I only had pimples (in my teen years, I am 27 now). The gycolic really worked but my skin is really sensitive so I can't use gycolic. You might want to try this. My sister scarred in her teens and used a gycolic peel at a face salon and her skin got really smooth and
  10. The Accutane didn't cause the scarring, it was the acne. I have scars too but I knew I would.
  11. Hey Marc, I'm an expert as well on Accutane. I took it for 5 months and it cleared my face of nodular acne (the huge scarring type). After giving birth to my baby, I broke out really bad. All my teen years, I've had pimples and a zit here and there but after giving birth, it got crazy! The first dermatologist I went to prescribed antibiotics and topical medications which didn't work then I went to a second dermo who said my last resort would be Accutane. Since I am a female, I would have