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  1. my derm told me to mix equal parts together in the palm of your hand and apply together
  2. I got mine at Eckard Drug Store. $9.00 sounds about right, can't remember exactly since I've had it for about three months now and it's still going strong.
  3. I would recommend Veggie Girl's mineral makeup and rice powder for anyone who needs some help with oil control. The makeup is matte and the rice powder really soaks up all the nasty oil!!!! I LOVE it!
  4. you absolutely must try Veggie Girl's mineral makeup and rice powder. I also have oily skin and this makeup/powder has helped more than I could ever imagine. The mineral makeup is definitely matte and the rice powder is clear and really helps to absorb the oil. I LOVE it! Just PM her for more info.
  5. Is it the supposed shark bile cure that you spray on your face? I have used it (yes I have been that desperate) even have my very own "membership" card. Please don't waste your money!! It doesn't do squat.
  6. Hope you have a fabulous birthday !!!!!!
  7. This is for all the Hibiclens users out there. What other products/supplements do you use in addition to the Hibiclens? This is what I'm doing: Morning: Baking soda & Cetaphil as an exfoliant Wash with Hibiclens Dan's BP Eucerin Daily Renewal Moisturizer Evening: Wash with Hibiclens Alternating every other day: Queen Helene's mint mask/Avon 10% glycolic peel pads (will be dropping the Avon stuff as soon as I finish the jar - not sure it's doing anything) Dan's BP topical Vitamin A Sup
  8. Just wanted to add that it was a slow but steady improvement for me. Don't expect an overnight miracle but don't get discouraged, either!
  9. Just thought I would add an update. I've been using the Vitamin A for about three months now. My face is about 99% clear (still some stubborn blackheads). My oil reduction is dramatic! I still get a little oily now that it is summer and REALLY humid but nowhere near as bad as before. I definitely think it has improved skin texture too. I am currently using Aloeguard (had a breakout from that at week 2) and Dan's BP and Eucerin moisturizer in the AM and Vit A in the PM. Good Luck t
  10. I have been using Aloeguard now for about a month with amazing results!!! I had an initial breakout, though. I was thinking about switching to hibiclens just because I can buy it over the counter and don't have to order over the net. Do you think I would get another breakout from starting a new product or are they similar enough not to cause too much disruption? Any thoughts are appreciated.
  11. I was actually planning to go to the derm to get on Retin A. Then I heard about the topical vitamin A. So instead of waiting two months for an appointment, wasting my money to pay the dr and pay for a script I thought I would at least try the over-the-counter first. So far I have had great results!
  12. Hi pooratbest, I am using it over my entire face and jaw, leaving it on over night and then re-apply for 15-20 minutes in the morning before I shower it off.
  13. Hi Wally, yes, still getting those nasty blackheads Things do seem to be oh so slowly improving every day though. But when I think back to eight weeks ago i can't believe the improvement!! BTW - still using the first bottle. For me it really is lasting the whole two months!
  14. I've got to back up my buddy Wally on this one. I had also taken Accutane twice at doses up to 120 mg for periods of about 6 - 7 months. The second time I had to be taken off Accutane because of acute back spasms where I literally would be knocked off my feet and couldn't stand/sit/walk without pain. Even after all that, the acne still came back. I do believe I am getting way too old for this!! Anyway, the positive thing about Accutane was that it did get rid of my bacne and it hasn't
  15. Just wondering how everyone else is doing with the onset of summer. It is 20 degrees warmer than usual here and my face is oiler than it has been recently (although not as bad as it was before). But the good news is I only have one spot on my face right now, which wouldn't be so bad but it tried to squeeze it when it wasn't ready (I know and I don't want to hear it) so it is now worse than if I had just left it alone. Will I ever learn? Any small bumps I get (2 at most) go away overni
  16. Pooratbest - Have you checked the web site thevitamincure.com? Won't they ship to the UK? Since I'm posting, I'll also give an update: Yeah Still no new pimples (can't belive it myself) Still lots of blackheads and clogged pores. I have ordered AloeGuard soap so hopefully that will help (when it gets here). Red marks seem to be slowly fading with the help of Avon Clinical Anew facial peel. Still using BP. Anyone else with an update? Love to hear how you guys are doing.
  17. Wally so happy to hear everything is still going well for you I can completely relate to your post. My husband was upset when I went on Accutane, twice, because of the health risks, but he just didn't understand that at that time to me the risks didn't matter. ( I think he had 3 pimples in his whole life) Got to love him for loving me, pimples and all, but I do want to look my best for him and for me! It is very much a psychological as well as physiological problem.
  18. I am currently using Burt's tomato soap but just ordered AloeGuard, an antibacterial soap. It seems a lot of people have had success with that for blackheads. Also hoping time is my friend and as it took time for the whiteheads to disappear, everything else will clear up soon too. Love the topical vitaminA. Got it from thevitamincure.com. There is a thread about it on over-the-counter products. It really has helped with my extremely oily skin. I am pretty sure everyone who has t
  19. I, too, used to have veeeerrrrry oily skin. (I was even oily up until month 4 1/2 on Accutane) The only thing I found to help is topical Vitamin A from thevitamincure.com. It has helped dramatically. It's been six weeks and every day I see more improvement in my skin. check out the thread on over-the-counter. good luck!