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  1. my derm told me to mix equal parts together in the palm of your hand and apply together
  2. I got mine at Eckard Drug Store. $9.00 sounds about right, can't remember exactly since I've had it for about three months now and it's still going strong.
  3. I would recommend Veggie Girl's mineral makeup and rice powder for anyone who needs some help with oil control. The makeup is matte and the rice powder really soaks up all the nasty oil!!!! I LOVE it!
  4. you absolutely must try Veggie Girl's mineral makeup and rice powder. I also have oily skin and this makeup/powder has helped more than I could ever imagine. The mineral makeup is definitely matte and the rice powder is clear and really helps to absorb the oil. I LOVE it! Just PM her for more info.
  5. Is it the supposed shark bile cure that you spray on your face? I have used it (yes I have been that desperate) even have my very own "membership" card. Please don't waste your money!! It doesn't do squat.
  6. Hope you have a fabulous birthday !!!!!!
  7. This is for all the Hibiclens users out there. What other products/supplements do you use in addition to the Hibiclens? This is what I'm doing: Morning: Baking soda & Cetaphil as an exfoliant Wash with Hibiclens Dan's BP Eucerin Daily Renewal Moisturizer Evening: Wash with Hibiclens Alternating every other day: Queen Helene's mint mask/Avon 10% glycolic peel pads (will be dropping the Avon stuff as soon as I finish the jar - not sure it's doing anything) Dan's BP topical Vitamin A Sup
  8. Just wanted to add that it was a slow but steady improvement for me. Don't expect an overnight miracle but don't get discouraged, either!
  9. Just thought I would add an update. I've been using the Vitamin A for about three months now. My face is about 99% clear (still some stubborn blackheads). My oil reduction is dramatic! I still get a little oily now that it is summer and REALLY humid but nowhere near as bad as before. I definitely think it has improved skin texture too. I am currently using Aloeguard (had a breakout from that at week 2) and Dan's BP and Eucerin moisturizer in the AM and Vit A in the PM. Good Luck t
  10. I have been using Aloeguard now for about a month with amazing results!!! I had an initial breakout, though. I was thinking about switching to hibiclens just because I can buy it over the counter and don't have to order over the net. Do you think I would get another breakout from starting a new product or are they similar enough not to cause too much disruption? Any thoughts are appreciated.
  11. I was actually planning to go to the derm to get on Retin A. Then I heard about the topical vitamin A. So instead of waiting two months for an appointment, wasting my money to pay the dr and pay for a script I thought I would at least try the over-the-counter first. So far I have had great results!