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  1. I apply the ACV with a cotton ball as if it was a toner. For the first week or so it really would sting bad, and felt like it was burning my face. But trust me, it is not. Your face might get read, but it goes away. I do this twice a day. In the shower, I wash my face with Basis soap and thats all. I get out, and apply the ACV and I am done. I used to spend hours in the bathroom trying to do different things to my face. Now it takes like 3 minutes and I'm 100 percent clear. I saw results
  2. hey guys, I battled acne for the last 5 years. As soon as it showed up I bought that Proactiv stuff and used it for a year. Since then I have been going back and forth between different treatments using SA or Benzoyl Peroxide, and other topical cleansers, toners, and creams at the store. I always gave each product a fair shot but nothing ever seemed to clear me up completely. About 2 months ago I read this thing about apple cider vinegar. I decided to quit all my products and just apply AC
  3. It seems like all the hair products I use cause me to get pimples at the hairline. It sucks because I need something thick or else my hair doesn't stay up. Are there any products out there that don't cause acne?
  4. i added a sulfur bar into my regimen because when I do have a break out,, it seems to dry up my pimples fast and ease inflammation. so far, I haven't had any negative effects, but i read on this website about it causing cellular adhesion. what exactly is this, and will it always cause this to happen? should i stop using it?
  5. lol, so because you think something looks ok cancels out thousands of studies done my medical researchers and scientists that say it is dangerous to use? that makes sense.
  6. i see your using alpha hydrox 12% and the only product in the alpha hydrox line that uses 12% is the foot and problem area cream. u should not be using that on your entire face. i don't think it is oil free. i bought that just for spot treatment. you need to get the alpha hydrox oil free formula which is 10% glycolic acid. It will not make your face oily.
  7. yea, i was doing like 1 part vinegar to 8 parts water for a while. as your face adjusts you can add more vinegar.
  8. does it say oil-free on it? i use the alpha hydrox oil-free and it balances oils
  9. we are happy for you, but you can't tell people what to use and then not give a link or tell us where you can find it. what is this zit off product?
  10. do not use that! the active ingredient is triclosan which causes bacterial resistance. and i don't even think it is effective against the P. acne bacteria. Do a search. I took this from an article on the web. and there are millions of others that say the same thing. "Employing a strong antibiotic agent such as triclosan for everyday use is of questionable value, as it takes a shotgun approach to killing all microscopic organisms while also destroying the beneficial bacteria in the enviro
  11. people, we need to put our troubles with acne into perspective. my 3 year old neighbor has brain cancer and has been going through brain surgery after brain surgery for the last 2 years. well it finally spread throughout his whole body and he has no more than 2 weeks left to live. A 3 year old people. I went with my family to say goodbye to him and he was just sleeping in his room (he is heavily drugged on morphine to ease the pain) with all his toys and the things he loved with him. It m
  12. i began using this yesterday, and wow, no more oil. just to be clear though, this does not clog pores does it?
  13. cmon guys, i wanted your thoughts whether you tried these or not. It's funny how millions of people will respond to the silly posts like masturbation causes acne when the topic is posted every other day. Then people who want serious inputs or information, nobody cares.
  14. Have any of you guys tried these products? If yes, how did they work? If no, what do you think? The first product seems to be a liver, digestive, and kidney cleanser all in one. I googled all those herbs and they all seemed to be a a detoxifier for certain organs. The second claims to remove impurtities from the blood, and I googled those ingredients and they had strong atibacterial properties as well as detoxifiers. 1) AKN Skin Care for Acne, Natural Acne Remedy http://store.yahoo.com/h