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  1. make sure you moisturize before applying make up. I use a teeny bit of grapeseed oil,and I do have oily skin. Tap off all the extra. The secret is to apply very light layers and build up to the coverage you want. to make your foundation look less chalky you can spritz your face with a hydrosol or water and blend with your brush. It makes my skin look flawless. I LOVE Jlynne. Her customer service is amazing. The ladies on her board are very helpful and Jess herself is a doll.
  2. Do some research and decide for your self. In my opinion it is good for you. I drink soy,rice and almond milk.
  3. Im sorry you seem to have no luck with minerals. I use www.jlynnecosmetics.com she has a board where you can chat with many ladies who are experts on her make up and applications. It took me a bit of waiting to be able to afford the brushes but I can tell you they are not BSing you about the differrence they make. I like the flat sponge too. You really have to play with minerals. It took me a few weeks to master it nut I am so glad I did. I will never wear anything else!!!
  4. I love minerals make up! I havent tried anything but JLynne. Good luck!!
  5. I drink tons of water. I still get acne,not as bad as when I never touched water. Right now I am trying to take all the junk out of my diet to see if that helps.
  6. thats weird,I cant tell a difference with coconut oil. Does it taste like coconut? I need to go check mine out.
  7. I only eat Kashi cereals. I make my own soy or almond milk. I can tell a difference in my skin. My bowels move everyday now,and that has to be good on my kin to not have those toxins in my colon.
  8. who pays attention to all this anyway? A year from now they will come out with something bad about organic milk. I drink soy milk and have found nothing wrong with it. If you are afraid of soy drink almond milk! YUM!
  9. I love make up but I am not a slave to it.......no one is perfect so yes I go quite often with out any.
  10. www.Jlynnecosmetics.com is my favorite. The owner is super nice,you join her delphi board and members get special discounts from time to time,she has a birthday club (I just got a $10.00 gift certificate),there is a referal club where you get FREE MAKE UP!!! Free shipping on certain purchasesThe women on the board are super nice and very helpful!!! Be Sure to tell her Lesa~rhavensunflower sent you!!!!
  11. interesting! I noticed my skin cleared up after a few days of swimming in the ocean.
  12. I use EFT daily and it has helped me with many things. I have never used it for acne. Why not try it and see if it helps,whats the worse that could happen?If stress is aggervating your acne and making it worse then EFT may be the cure.
  13. thats great!!! I am going to order the aloe guard when I run out of provon and dettol. I hate it when people come on here and all they post is "it didnt help me". Its like they dont want anyone else to try it. It did help me and I discovered it by accident. All I wanted to do was pass the word and hope someone found relief from their acne. If I can help one person it was worth it! I am sooooo glad you found help!!!
  14. detto smalls just like pinesol! I dont care what the smell is as long as my face stays clear
  15. It helps with my redmarks and for the ones that dont go away I cover it with Minerals make up! I dont know anything about scaring,I dont have any.
  16. http://www.everythingaustralian.com/ I bought the dettol cream here. I live in Arkansas so I was able to pick it up locally. The owners are super nice people!! I will make many more purchases from them. I bought the dettol cream and the liquid. Oh and dontforget to try some Aussie chocolate bars! OMGoodness!!!!!!~Awesome stuff!!
  17. I guess I just dont get it. I dont put any soap on my eyes. I dont get acne on my eyes either. I take my makeup off with grapeseed oil and I wash my eyelids with a gentle cleanser. Unless you are just slinging this stuff all over your face you will be fine. If you dont want to use the soap try the dettol cream. I use it too. Also you can wash with a regular soap and tone with a dettol diluted formula. I added a cap full to a bottle of spring water often.
  18. I use a handmade honey/oatmeal/goatmilk soap...........I dont wash my eyelids with soap,never have and never saw a need too. After I wash my face with my oatmeal soap I rinse the washcloth out and wipe off my eyes.
  19. All the acne commercials are so fake. You can tell the photos are doctored up. I especially hate the Proactiv ones.
  20. I want to know how to get the porn star makeup look........I love the eyelashes(obviously fake)any suggestions? Also do lip plumpers really work? I dont want my makeup to look natural,I love bold make up. I dont want to look like Tammy Faye. I think you look awesome!!!!
  21. I started getting the best results when I left the provon on my face for about 4 min before washing off. It helped the red marks but SLOWLY. I went to the www.everythingaustralian.com store and got a bottle of Dettol,a bar of soap and a tube of the cream. I love the stuff! I use the bar soap and the cream. Thats it! I alternate between the provon too. I just use which ever one I pick up first. I am not gonna waste the provon even though it seems the dettol works better. karmasutra~ it takes