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  1. I have used ice before on my face for acne blemishes; however, I did not know it had any scientific reasoning behind it. I merely assumed that the ice would reduce swelling of various blemishes. It does, too. When I logged on yesterday and located the CBS article, I was ecstatic. I'm starting the program tomorrow.
  2. Has anyone here been prescribed Rentin A MICRO? I saw a commercial today, and it promises results in two weeks, with acne being completely cleared up within seven weeks. It is rather expensive, but I located a pharmacy in Canada which supplies it at around 80% off. It requires a doctors prescription, though. I was merely wondering if anyone had used it or knew of someone who had and whether or not the results were worth the price. Thanks!
  3. Has anyone used the product 'Dermaclear'? I located the website for it and the testimony which is offered looks too good to be true (it probably is). I haven't been able to locate any other online info. on it, though. So, if anyone has used this product or know someone who has, could you offer me a little insight on it? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
  4. Ahh...the wonderful question of, "Just how much money have YOU spent to get rid of your acne?" Not to mention the fact that the products you purchase 9 times out of 10 simply do not work at all. I stumbled upon this website two days ago. Recently, within the last month, my face has just exploded with acne. I usually do not have a problem with it at all, only the minor zit or two every once in a while. I have extremely oily skin, but I can deal with that when I do not have zits to add on
  5. I have 'extremely' oily skin, almost to the point that it can look greasy at times. I have suffered with it for several years now, and more or less, it is all a result of genetics. I have tried every product under the sun, OTC and prescription. Nothing works. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to control my T-zone. Some products will help to subside the oil for a short while, but for the most part, an hour to two hours later, I will be fighting the oil again. I can be frustrating. We