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  1. Thank you all of you!!!!!! I did finally get the cyts acne thing on the top of my eye to break today! BOY was it nasty!!!!!!!! What really did hte trick is I put toothpaste on it and it brought it to a head over night!!!!! I am female and I will look into all the things you have all suggeted! My doctor doesn't want to give me anything but accutane and right now I do not want to get on it!!!!! As a teenager...my derm gave me everythign he could try (of course that was over 16 years ago), so eve
  2. I am 39 years old and my acne iwll not get better! I have tried everything you can think of and MORE with no results!!!! My doctor tells me that I have cyst acne, but I refuse to go on teh dangerous medication they want to put me on! Right now I have a cyst above my right eye that is getting bigger as I type! LOL I am at my wits end...I just do not know what to do?????? Any suggestions?????