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    Working in the city as an office 'make us some tea please sir' person... quite boring but it pays the bills ;)<br /><br />Starting weight lifting a few months ago... i'm still a skinny fella but one day that will improve... like football (soccer, swimming, running etc...)<br /><br />6'1, brown hair, green eyes, fairly slim... puny 'dick like' arms, scarecrow like legs, you get the idea ;)<br /><br />No girlfriend unfortunately... but i've seen some tasty looking people around here! lol :)
  1. They are definitely hair follicles if they are identical to the picture. Nothing to worry about, sir.
  2. My girlfriend asked me why I have 5 white bed sets (duvets, pillows, etc..). She asked, "Dan, haven't you got any NICE duvets, fancy ones?" I've ruined bed sheets, shirts, curtains (I wasn't rubbing my face on them), suits! BP is truly great stuff, but it can be an absolute nightmare! Just be careful where you put that face!
  3. Having been on the regimen--on and off--for about 4 years, I still moisturise after I apply the BP (in the night). I read many posts where people say that they can go without moisturiser, but those people seem to be the exception rather than the rule. I've finally managed to get hold of Dan's AHA and I'm hoping it will improve my skin even further.
  4. Jacksons of picaddilly green tea! I only drink that and water, as well as milk for my cereal.
  5. Everyone is different; I used that for a few weeks but it really dried my face out. It was the same with their cleanser. As for the 'simple for men' range; that was even worse! However, a guy in my class at university swears by the simple moituriser, as well as the wash. Seems I was just unlucky. That's too bad as I won a competition a few years ago for a years supply of their products... on ebay they went! Right now i'm using the original nivea moisturiser, which comes in a pot. I've tried l
  6. My skin didn't like the cleanser for some unknown reason. It loves Dan's BP however.
  7. I've been on the regime for around 5 years now and suffered quite severe flaking when I first started. Most people encounter the same problem at the onset and it doesn't seem to matter how much bp you use, but obviously the more you use the more you'll get and the longer it'll last. For me the flaking lasted for about 2 months, but that was using the neutrogena on the spot bp. Saying this, I took a break from bp recently, and when I started again (using dans stuff) I experienced the same flakin
  8. That is one BIG boy there! ;) My dog was a little weasel in comparison! Looking good m'lady. :)

  9. thanks for the comment cutie

  10. Even after 5 years I find that, if I miss even just one day, I will get a break out. The acne is obviously still lurking, and it's the bp keeping things at bay.
  11. Wise man; keeping a log to narrow things down. I had a massive break out a few months ago and I went through everything (clothes, food, products) to see what was giving me grief... turned out to be the talcum powder I started using a week before.