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  1. hmm well im clear now but im running out of mino.
  2. yeah I knwo but i mean I hope my acne dosent return cuz i heard alot about peoples acne comin back. I donno if I go 2 a day i will run out soon and my dr prolly wont refill me until 3 months is up
  3. I've never been this clear in 2 or 3 years but still I upposed the dosage on my own and im not sure if im gonna be in trouble for that. I guess we'll see.
  4. Well I put my dosage up to 200mg a day but i just did it myself. Im not sure if that was smart but 100mg a day wasnt doing anything. The first week of Mino was great, and since i started taking 200mg it started to work again. Im taking one in the mroning and one at night.
  5. Yes I will continue, I didnt mean i missed a day or 2 of taking it I meant i missed a day or 2 of updating. Anyways Hopefully it will work =(
  6. I think I missed a day or 2 Probably because i dont think its working anymore HAHAHA ill contine to update though just incase
  7. day 7: Looking pretty much the same.
  8. day 6: Got 1 new small one, should be gone by the end of the day.
  9. day 5: Pretty much no difference from yesterday. POssibly a new one coming up hopefully i can stop it before it does.
  10. Day 4: Things getting better each day Have had a really good time these last couple days, goin out and partyin having a good time not worrying about my acne. Hopefully I continue to get better.
  11. I think its working prety good so far. Seem to be clearing up havent gotta any new ones since I started taking it except for a small one today bu ti think its just due to slack of sleep these last couple days.
  12. Update: Got 1 new one today unfortunatly but its small and is probably due to lack of sleep over the past couple of nights. It should be gone by morning.
  13. Thanks Pink. its working GREAT right now, and no side effects thus far except that one head ache.
  14. day 3: This stuff is really working. I can tell already. I hope I continue to clear. I do not have any active ones on me at the moment just marks from previous acne makes me look like I do. I think if this continues to work i may be pretty close to 100% clear by school
  15. sweeeT!!! Thanks for the help So you're clear then right now?