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  1. January 23rd, 2007 Wow. I remember this place. It's been almost a year since I last logged in here. Maybe I should update so I can find it again sometime in the future. I'm in college now in St. Paul, Minnesota. It's my first year and I'm living in the dorms, finished my first semester with a 3.85 GPA. I play soccer here, but no other sports (no lacrosse team here). Maybe I should post some updated pictures... - CaN 0
  2. The regimen has worked/is working for me. Dan and your derm. know what they're talking about. - CaN 0
  3. I use the ProActiv products with Dan's Regimen. Works better than anything I've had before. - CaN 0
  4. Well I was clear for weeks until just a day ago, and I'm trying to figure out why. The only thing that's changed for me is the weather. It was rainy and cool, but recently it's gotten pretty warm. I was outside all Memorial Day weekend in the sun, I had sunblock on and I don't burn easily at all. I'm wondering if being in the sun, or even the change in weather might have made me break out. I've narrowed it down to a few possibilities, but I'm wondering if this is possible at all. Also: my face
  5. May 30th, 2005 So my promise to keep updating this fell through pretty quick. Oh well, nothing's changed. I have 0 active pimples, just little milia type stuff and red marks. No dryness, my regimen is working well. Summer's coming up and I couldn't be happier. 8 days of school left but it seems like an eternity. I've pretty much stopped with the 2 liters of water per day, and I've seen no negative results. I still drink water, just not nearly as much as I used to. I'd look for the reason that w
  6. May 25th, 2005 I had a tiny bit of dryness, but I double layered the moisturizer and it went away after 2 days. The one on my neck (kinda) is gone, pretty much. Everything else is the same. Nothing active, just some red marks. I guess no one notices though, long story but I'm thinking I'm the only one who really cares. I can't wait for summer, I've been so busy these past few weeks that without school I'll have a lot more time to do the things that I want to do, with the people I want to be ar
  7. May 22nd, 2005 Yarr, I should update this, shouldn't I? What a slacker I am, right? Oh well... so everything's pretty much the same. I've pretty much cut down on worrying about how I look, I still do my regimen, drink water (not as much anymore), try not to pick or touch my face. I ended up trying to squeeze this little thing on my nose and I guess it forced some bacteria deeper. The next morning I had a little white pimple, which I again squeezed. Now it's gone, just a bit of rough skin to rep
  8. Be sure to use moisturizer after the bp dries on your face. Also ramp up your bp use, so you use more and more as weeks go by. - CaN 0
  9. Strange, mine are much better at the end of the day. - CaN 0
  10. I've noticed the same thing, doing it once a week isn't a problem, and my skin seems to look better than when I do it several times throughout the week. - CaN 0
  11. I've called all the stores near me, as well as gone in and looked, and I still can't find any AHA or Eucerin. I'm debating whether or not to look for other options, or buy it online. But by buying it online, it'd take an extra __ days/weeks for it to get here. So what do you recommend, buying AHA or Eucerin online or finding another way to stop dryness. - CaN 0
  12. May 12th, 2005 My skin got more dry, and I can't tell why. I put on less bp and more moisturizer, and it's still flakey. I think tomorrow I'll make another trip to Walgreens to try to find some AHA or something similar. Other than that everything's the same. How boring. - CaN 0
  13. BP would help you stop pimples for the future, and make the ones you have now go away quicker, but I've heard that it prolongs red marks. - CaN 0