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  1. Anyone doing this for thier scars? Skinbiology says that they can help fade old acne scars.
  2. dawny9


    has anyone used copper for scars and has it helped them in any way?
  3. anything out there to help dimish this?
  4. maybe microderm? what did you dr. say could help you? I know what you mean about lighting......are your scars red?
  5. retin a......copper.......or vitaman c? any others that might help?
  6. anyone know what is good for it to help?
  7. does the effeklar help scars? what does it do?
  8. I've had these for 2 months now...they were cysts and still have a little bump under them....they are not sore anymore, but the are still red...I've used topical antibiotics on them, bp, sali. acid.....what do I do....any one have any suggestions! thanks!
  9. i will....i hope for all our sack it works! She said she could help me, and she know how much it bothers me. I will keep you posted...I've only had 2 so far...I think it takes more...like 10....but I'm hoping I start seeing results sooner. I will keep you posted.
  10. I just started microderm a few weeks ago...and I have mild/depressed scars.....the dr. says that with aggressive treatments every week I can get these resolved....she is using a 3 setting on them and stepping on the peddle more as she goes over the scars over and over...they are red when i leave and she is gonna do i every week.....has anyone had success with microderm and having aggressive treatments on shallow scars? TIA!