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  1. Yes, the posts re: fraxel are all over the map, from no improvement to those who really liked it. I took the leap and had my 1st fraxel 5 days ago. Today my face looks totally normal with all swelling and redness gone. In fact, down time for me (which I know seems to be a highly individual thing) was only about 48 hours due to mild swelling and traces of blue dye. For my second treatment, the doc said he'd be more aggressive so we'll see. I asked him during the procedure what he would categ
  2. When does this start happening...? Is it by the time you get Senior citizen discounts...because it sure hasn't happened to me in 18 years I'm guessing by the time people with oily skin start producing less oil, they have many other more important health issues to worry about...:roll:
  3. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, Garkee!!!
  4. My oily skin sure hasn't cleared up any in 18 years, but maybe I'm just blessed (@#$%&!) in that way. I took Minocycline for my acne too and it cleared up well. Unfortunately, it came back with a vengeance once I got off of it and I had horrible side effects (I ended up on TWO antibiotics...the Mino for acne and another for the resulting yeast infections, YUCK!). In terms of your eating habits, maybe you're on to something...I also eat heavily but not frequently...a connection, maybe :?:
  5. The myth about people with oily skin looking younger longer is just that...a myth. I'm in my early thirties and am battling acne and wrinkles. Most of my dryer skin friends look a lot younger than I do partly because they haven't been abusing their skin with products to combat acne and/or because their pores are smaller thus giving their skin an overall smoother appearance. I've had extremely oily skin since I was 13 and have always waited for the day when I would be grateful for it (after al
  6. Without being at all familiar with research on the insulin and androgen connection, your logic sounds sound...er, I mean your logic sounds logical...you know what I mean :? ...anyhow, I may give a modified Atkins diet a try...thanx for the info.
  7. I read somewhere (can't recall the site but if I find it I'll post it) that BP works so quickly to kill bacteria that they don't have the chance to develop resistance...in short, you cannot become immune to BP. Kind of like household cleaners, they say that if you use Lysol to kill germs they can eventually become immune to it. Yet if you kill 'em with bleach they die so fast they cannot mutate fast enough to evolve into resistant strains... Hope this makes sense!
  8. yeah, I do... guess I could go without but I hate the idea...red marks and active acne are soooo well camouflaged with a good foundation (NON-COMEDOGENIC, of course). Sorry boys
  9. I've done this with some success using 10% BP but got tired of it after a while trying to figure out the right combination. Recently I read that if you apply any other product to your face while using BP to wait one hour before doing so, however, the site was referring specifically to Benzamycin (the prescription erythromycin and benzoyl peroxide combo). Here's the quote and the website: "If your doctor has ordered another medicine to be applied to the skin along with this medicine, it is b
  10. I was reading through some research on BP on the internet and came across a site that said BP still works if it is applied for 30-45 minutes and then washed off. I'm considering doing this because the BP and Eucerin Renewal (which I LOVE, it is an awesome moisturizer) glob up quite a bit on my face. Then trying to put make-up over it is all but impossible. Does anyone else do this? Any thoughts... Dan... anyone? Here's the site: http://www.hormonehelpny.com/column/acne.htm
  11. Nice to hear from someone with a similar situation and a healthy dose of sympathy. Good luck with the meds and keep us posted!
  12. In my experience, Rite Aid always seems to have it. Good luck
  13. Okay, I've gotten pretty adept at hiding the redness I get from my acne, too... but what really gets tough for me is trying to camouflage the huge bumps and cysts...any ideas??????????????
  14. Thanks...that response really helped me . Sort of like my derm telling me "Relax...your acne is not that bad..." Any other useful answers out there :?:
  15. ...But I have a question about acne grading, too. Whenever I go to a dermatologist (I'm female and wear make-up), I'm basically told to relax b/c my acne "isn't that bad." So far the regimen has really helped clear me up and my face is quite smooth...EXCEPT for having between 2-3 cysts at any one give time. Does this qualify as severe? The cysts are large (4-7mm) and take a couple of weeks to disappear (especially if I mess with them ). Except for the cysts, the rest of my face looks good.