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  1. yeah I used it. It didnt help at all. Just go with the tane.
  2. my visions fine but my night vision isn't too good anymore.
  3. I was wondering if I can take a mutli-vitamin on accutane. I was think it would be ok beacause it only has 70% of Vitamin A in it and it is mostly beta-carotane. What do you guys think of a multi-vitamin on tane?
  4. yep.. I am done with month two as of yesterday.. I mean I think my body can handly 100mg. np, so I will ask for it next appt. I know 80mg. is probably enough. Also I use moisterzuier and aloe vera gel should I cut these products out?
  5. I was wondering what you guys think I am not oily but not dry either on 80.mg of tane a day should I try to get on a 100/day? BTW i am a 18 year old, 150lb. male.
  6. yeah me too.. I got a cavity is it ok to get it drilled?
  7. like once a month will screw me on while on the tane'?
  8. like once a month will screw me on while on the tane'?
  9. Hey today I start my third month at 80mg. a day on the tane and I just started breaking out, I have no clue why though and opinions? I just switched to cetaphil and my skin was almost clear, and now my face looks like sh*t. I was also on hibicleans and quit that like a month ago maybe I should go back on that?