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  1. Thanks for your input. Best of luck with your next treatment!
  2. Thanks for the responses everyone! I've been so bloody occupied for the past few months, I haven't been able to do much on the computer. Thank God for the holidays, I really need to settle down and get my mind right. Well, I guess it's pretty ridiculous that I'm responding to 2-month-old replies but here we go...
  3. Do you know what Clearasil changed exactly? You can try comparing the old ingredients to the new.
  4. Haha, yes, in a way. Sorry about that, I missed the "stopped using them over 3 months ago" in your first post.
  5. Excellent! I wish and hope for the best as well as a smooth recovery. Your skin really does look nice! I also had a plastic surgeon work on my face. He removed a small bump (looked like a cyst underneath my skin) from my lower-right cheek, sort of near the corner of my lip. His name is Dr. Daniel Bang and he works in Beverly Hills, CA. He also was very honest and made sure I was very comfortable and in the right state of mind. He did a good job and I have no complaints. After my experiences with
  6. Haha! Excellent. Are you there for vacation? Which Clearasil product do you use? I remember when I first started using a revised version of ChristineM's regimen, I used the Clearsail Day Face Wash for sensitive skin. I had a lot of success with it. Do you have a regimen set up?
  7. Change your regimen to accommodate exfoliation/microdermabrasion 1-2 times a week. If your skin feels drastically thin and sensitive, limit the scrubbing to 1-2 times a month. Anyway, your skin type and attributes are genetic based. I don't believe there is a way to thicken your skin. If you're talking about a different type of "thickening" then I'm not sure. You can use night creams to possibly add "weight" (smoothness?) to your face but it's hard to recommend heavy moisturizers/creams for acne
  8. I don't think you're allergic to BP but maybe sensitive to it. A long time ago my dermatologist perscribed Benzaclin (5% BP, 1% Clindamycin) for me and it absolutely killed my face. My face would burn and itch like crazy. That's when I figured out that BP was definitely not for me. I would recommend easing into 5%
  9. I can't tell from that picture. Can you post a clearer one?
  10. Hey there! Your skin has made major strides in clearing up. Your forehead area has improved drastically. Cheers! As for the sides of your face, I don't really see any scars. They look pretty smooth to me. Your cheeks look smooth as well. As for your question, I think you should check with your dermatologist to see what he recommends on smoothing out whatever you want smoothed out, haha. Ask him if you can just go to a spa for treatment.
  11. Hi marceldia! Yes, I am all clear but I have to deal with pretty bad acne scars. It seems like my acne scars have been worsening over the years. My cheeks and temples are the problem areas. As for my regimen, I recently changed it to address my acne scars. This is how it looks: Morning: c.booth derma24 - Daily Vitamins Healthy Skin Facial Cleanser c.booth derma24 - Daily Detoxifying Enzyme Toner Pads Nighttime: c.booth derma24 - Daily Vitamins Healthy Skin Facial Cleanser (twice a week
  12. Cheers! I hope you get good assessments from either one. I would've assumed the plastic surgeon would be better too.