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  1. So then you face a choice. Live like a freak, in a life deprived of fun, laughter and social contentment. Always being the odd one out at parties, spending hours upon hours searching, and gathering unorthordox foods and homeopathic remedies, for a diet that satisfys the palate about as much as a dry newspaper. Or, live like a normal kid, eating normal foods, doing things that normal kids do. I did the paleo for about 6 months. Gave up because the health results were out weighted by the soc
  2. http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/biology/b103/...wittenborn.html
  3. There are some wackos in OTC, and sometimes they enter the CSR forum but otherwise I think that CSR is a good forum. If you have acne that can not be controlled by topical means then accutane is the way to go otherwise if you're mild to moderate CSR, or a similar regimen is your better bet. Yeh, but what gets me about the CSR is that it is so restrictive to point where it detracts from your quality of life, much like the way the holistic crap does. Now I'm on accutane, I can touch my fac
  4. Well who the fuck are you to give advise in the first place?! Like you say ''If you are a guy, it benefits me if your acne is worse than mine, because then I get the girls and money which you might get otherwise, if you had more confidence.'' How about you take my advise, get your head out of your ass and realise that there is no ''perfect regimen'' for acne, that you don't know what your talking about because as far I'm aware, I've not come across any of your work in the journals I've rea
  5. The holistic forum is shit. It's full of weirdo's with acne, trying to help other people with acne, who think modern medicine is a conspiracy, the whole world is against them, that they are right, and everyone else is wrong etc etc... In all honesty, the CSR forum is also shit, and so is the OTC. There is one thing that works on acne, and one thing only. Accutane. All this other bullshit is just bullshit being spouted by random people on an annonymous acne board with no qualifications e
  6. Do u have any evidence acne gets worse in the Winter? No.
  7. You won't find any legitimate, archived, scientific studies which have found BP to yield 100% clarity in users. Don't blame yourself if you don't reach 100% on the 'csr', only a very small percentage actually seem to. I'm not being funny, but in all honesty whilst the csr is the best thing I've ever tried for my acne, it was not able to yield the clarity I desired... and I don't think that's uncommon here.
  8. From experience, this ''csr'' is helpful, but don't expect miracles. Benzoyl Peroxide can only get you so far, despite what some others may claim.
  9. Hmmm, well my blackheads are undoubtedly becoming increasingly conspicuous of late, even on areas of skin where i wouldn't normally notice them. I guess its cool in way, at least it shows it's working and a few blackheads are hardly the end of the world anyway, besides, other than this, ive not had a spot for... 2 weeks, which is a 7 year record. Rock on.
  10. Now Ive ditched the differin and BP as my skin is becoming more sensitive, (3 weeks in), my blackheads have got a lot more noticable. How long do people find it takes before tane gets to grips with blackheads?
  11. Can accutane actually be used to help with red marks directly?- or is it its prevention properties of new spots which allows red marks to heal and fade which helps?
  12. Is it the regimen that clears people, or is it BP generally???? On this forum the answer is likely to be overwhelming in favour of the regimen, but in the real world, most BP users haven't even heard of the CSR...
  13. I'm 3 weeks into my accutane course and free of any significant pimples. My skin tone and texture doesn't look good however. Redmarks from spots I had years ago seem to be surfacing, and my skin almost looks slightly sunburnt on my forehead, yet the rest of my face is fine... Also, my blackheads are getting real bad because I've stopped using BP and differin now I'm on accutane, how long does it usually take for blackheads to go away? Any experiences and help welcome.
  14. At the end of the day, it's the diligent and daily application of Benzoyl Peroxide to acne prone areas which is the engine here. Benzoyl Peroxide is effective no matter how you use it, -once p/day, twice, with moisturiser/without, with BHA/without etc... What is not accounted for here, but becomes blatantly obvious in the real world, (i.e. not a message board populated predominantly by niave and penitent adolescents trading spoof acne cures) is that Benzoyl Peroxide doesn't need to be used as
  15. Where is this new ground breaking science? A short abstract from Mr. Loren Cordain is not exactly a peer reviewed, reliable, quality assured piece of work. This ''grey'' literature is what makes the internet unreliable. As there is no conventional, ''hard-copy'' permanently archived in peer reviewed scientific journals of this research, then the 'acne vs diet' myth will remain as a myth.