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  1. "CM77" - thank you for checking in again and telling me the dr who you went with. "brookeugogirl" - I think I remember reading your comment about Dr. Frank before. I have to agree with you that he is quite good looking, but if he's not competent then who cares about his looks, right? "buco" - thank you for sharing your thoughts about Dr. Rokshar. I think I will make an appointment to see him soon. I was just a little bit reluctant to go right ahead and make the appointment since I heard tha
  2. I'm under the same impression as you from reading that Fraxel does not do well for ice pick scars based off what other people have said. My scars are primarily all rolling scars. It sounds like you have your mind set on these two doctors. I had my Fraxel treatments done at the and they did some of the clinical trials to get FDA approval. They are currently doing another study on the newest release of Fraxel that's not out to the general public yet. The study is on acne scars and you coul
  3. Hi, I am contemplating to have fraxel done for my acne scars and I have so much difficulty trying to locate the right dr. to perform it.. I have narrowed down my list to 2 drs., Dr. Frank and Dr. Rokshar . Does anyone have experience with either of those two drs.? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.. Also I read the fraxel threads here and it appears to be that fraxel is not very efficient for icepicks and scarred/enlarged pores? If that's the case, then I have no reason to get fraxel s
  4. Thank you so much for your detailed account on this procedure! I checked out your before/after pics, and your after pics do not look so bad - at least in comparison to the after-dermabrasion pics. I hope you would continue to post your process of healing if you wouldn't mind. Good luck healing and again, thank you!
  5. Reilly, your skin looks just awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, and thank you even so much more for showing us the pics . As you have pointed out, everyone gets different amounts of improvement from tca cross(as well as to any other kind of treatments). On a personal level, crosses did not have benefited me so much as it has benefited you. Nonetheless, I am so happy for you that you have attained the results that you have attained. Thanks so much again, for taking the
  6. Thank you ThereIsALight. I did contact Dr.Frank's office last night via e-mail, and when I checked my e-mail just now they have gotten back to me, so I guess they are very prompt. Anyway, should anyone be interested, they said the price range for psr3 treatments range from 1500 for single area to about 3500 aggressive full face. Also the consultation is free for this procedure and one could usually get an appointment within 1~2 weeks. I am still not sure which route I should take with scar r
  7. I don't mean to steal this thread, but since this is NYC info thread I will ask my question here. Has anyone had experiences with Dr.Paul Jarrod Frank, or heard about him? If so, what are your opinions of him? Is he a reputable, competent dermatologist? I want to get the rhytec psr3 treatments and IPL, but it seems as if he's the only one in the city to offer psr3 treatments, besides the Amrerican Laser center on 34th.St.. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. By the way, thank you There
  8. Thank you for your prompt response, GD2005. I really do hope that procedures you have performed by your dr. will improve your skin. Best of luck to you and everyone else searching for a dr. and having procedures done!
  9. Hi, GD2005 I wanted to ask you a couple of questions about your doctor, Dr.Hatcher. How did you decide to go see him? Is he a competent dr. as far as scar revision goes? Also the microdermabrasions done in his office, are they more aggressive than the microdermabrasions done in spas? Since I live right by the area where he's located I am considering to see him also, but $250 for a consultation seems a little bit too much, but if he is a competent dr. then it shouldn't really matter I guess.
  10. Does anyone know how long one should wait to have a microdermabrasion or a full face 30% glycolic peel after the scabs from tca cross come off? Thank you~
  11. Prescriptives have a website of their own. Here's the link http://www.prescriptives.com
  12. Hello Sword, Sorry to steal your thread, but I have been reading and following yours and other dermabrasion threads for some time now although this is my first time actually posting anything. First of all, congrats on your dermabrasion and I applaud your courage to go thru with it. As another person who has had the procedure done, I understand how difficult and frustrating aftermath of dermabrasion can be. Like you, I am dealing with some hyperpigmentation at the moment (it has been roughly