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  1. I use this: http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...-PLST-0-SRCH-HV It has NO Ammonium/Sodium Lauryl/Laureth/Myreth sulfate in it whatsoever, and has 100 percent organic ingredients (tea tree oil). I order it straight off drugstore.com.
  2. Well, vitamin C might not have a serious direct affect on your hyperpigmentation, but vitamin C is extremely beneficial to your body in countless ways, so take it anyway. Take more, in fact...I would suggest 1-1.5g per day, it will most likely contribute at least something to your hyperpigmentation.
  3. No, don't do that! Vitamin A is FAT soluble, which means it gets stored in your body. Once it builds up over time (taking too much too fast), it becomes toxic and will start to hurt you from the inside out. Not good.
  4. Botchla's cleared me up decently, but it ravaged my skin. If you have sensitive skin (which I do, when I was a baby i had horrible skin problems, and the doctor told my parents never to let me use soap and stuff on my skin because it destroys it), then it will probably make your skin look real crappy. Not in the sense that it will cause more zits, because it DOES work quite well at eliminating acne, but it is also VERY drying and even if you moisturize can do some hefty damage. I would say give
  5. Amen to that. I'm only 17, but I turn heads on the beach, or anywhere that i'm not wearing a shirt. I used to have really bad acne, but I managed to get about 90-95% clear through healthy living, diet, B5, and skin care (moisturizing, aloe vera, etc.). 2 years ago, I figured that if I had shitty skin, I might as well work on something else (my body). I'm glad I did, working out has become a way of life for me.
  6. Hey thanks guys, where would I be without you? I'm going to grab some apple cider vinegar and some glycolic acid and give it a shot. What I really should do is start tanning, but it's winter here in CT and well....there's no tanning to be had.
  7. Hey, does anyone have any tips for getting my skin tone back to normal? My acne is really just about 100 percent clear (occasional small zit here and there), but my skin tone looks kind of like garbage. Some spots are blotchy and red, and it just looks terrible altogether. I've read many posts on apple cider vinegar and the like, but I don't know where to find it. If anyone could give me any help, i would really appreciate it. Time to go to the gym
  8. I use SLS shampoos when there's nothing else around my house. That stuff definatly messes with my scalp and skin; I get dandruff and break out a bit, plus my skin looks a bit worse then it usually does. I use Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, which I guess is also supposed to be irritating, but it doesn't bother me at all.
  9. I'd like to inform you (although i'm sure you already know), BP and SA do completely different things. Whereas SA helps the skin shed dead skin cells faster to prevent build up, BP digests dead skin cells AND, more importantly, kills the acne bacteria on the skin.
  10. Yo Rancid, why do you say you're not cool enough to have a girlfriend? If you were able to kiss one at a party, you can get a girlfriend and have one kiss you all the time.
  11. Try this: Apply a generous amount of moisturizer at night (I use Eucerin Original), and then apply a generous amount of 100 percent Aloe Vera Gel (I use Fruit of the Earth) over that. This has helped keep my skin moisturized quite well, considering I am on Botchla's regimen and my skin gets dry pretty easily. I only apply a little moisturizer during the day.
  12. I've been on it for a couple months...I really like Botchla's because it's so simple. However, it is very harsh on your facial skin. It's important to moisturize while on it, but I might also start reducing the number of times I use that blackhead clearing scrub.
  13. I've been on Botchla's for awhile... I love the fact that everything is washed off and you have no cream imbedded in your skin the entire day. I will admit, the 10 percent BP can be harsh, but i got a tolerence for it pretty quickly. I also put on a thick layer of Eucerin Original moisturizer at night and then put a thick layer of Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera gel over that; when I wake up my face isn't dried out at all. Be careful about how much of that 10% BP you use too; even a little bit more
  14. I don't know if that can be qualified as "addiction"...I mean, I think it's basically you stopping B5, seeing everything come back, and obviously having a desire to go back on. However, if you DO want to stop I suppose it is a good idea to slowly decrease the dosage. I've been on B5 for maybe...2 years, and I only take about 4 g a day now, and after a VERY satisfying colon cleanse and a very cleaned up diet, that's all I need.