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  1. Can you get everyday mineral if you live in the UK?
  2. anyone tried this? this mineral makeup is meant to be v good as its all non pore blocking etc x
  3. Hi guys- has anyone had a sonopeel? my friend works at a salon that does them and apparantly they are really good. I'm hopefully going to have one soon-have googled it and seems to confirm it x
  4. all i can say is that i had started to hear quite abit about how citrus fruits are inflamatory and so should be avoided by those with acne, since i have stopped having orange juice etc and can honestly say my skin has improved (not totally clear) but improved- give it a try for a week and see x
  5. thanks for the replies!!! ive since read elsewhere that citrus fruits are inflamatory and to avoid them for good skin:( so ive bought some vitamin c tablets today:) interesting about the strawberries, will avoid them and see if it helps x
  6. Did anyone see diet doctors yesterday? it said foods notorious for flaring skin up include strawberries and citrus fruits!!!! ive never heard that before- has anyone else? seems odd to me xx
  7. the water spray is good at calming skin down and refreshing. ive just bought the moisture mask yesterday and am trying it out tonight, i think they are good as all products are non pore blocking x
  8. who said your face swells up? i dont know where you lot have been having it done but with crystal clear half and hour after you skin is normal again just a million times smoother! the whole point of it is that its gentle yet effective and if its making your face swollen that doesnt sound right!
  9. what in god's name? grow up mate!! how can a scar disappear then re-appear????? all i can say is microdermabrasion has worked for me. if its good enough for madonna its good enough for me!
  10. yeah i had a crystal clear microdermabrasion this morning and skin is so smooth- having another one in afew weeks:) love it!
  11. i had crystal clear microdermabrasion done at a salon and its great!! really smoothes the skin and helps with scarring. Google it! x
  12. someone at work is training in reflexology and offered to do me some. Have googled it and quite alot of sites say it can help getting rid of toxins etc anyone heard of this? x
  13. someone recently recommed a product called silicol skin, i googled it and sounds pretty good. Anyone tried it?