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  1. Ive tried the Clinique continous coverage which is kind of both concealer and foundation. It comes in a tube and you only need ever so little so it will last you for a long time... I got the tip for someone who worked as a make up artist on TV, and she says its the only one that works when youre in the " spotlight" to really cover red spots etc... If used all over face its a little too much but it works miracles targeted on spots and it's safe to use.. (Clinique is allergy approved)
  2. One cream I found was very good as a moisterizer when on Stioxyl, as it dries out the skin terribly, is CLARINS fluide super hydratant. It contains also a sun bock of 15 spf which is very important when you are using benzol peroxide, and it's also not blocking the pores (anti-comedone). I am currantly using retin-A at night and and benzol peroxid during day. This dries up the skin a lot, but after three weeks the general texture of skin is amazing! I use a mild peel of baking soda to remove the