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  1. retina A is pretty good
  2. LoL-ull get better. At least u only have one little cyst. All those brown ugly skin will just wash rite off in less than a week. Just dont pick at any little fragments of skin. Also dont pop the cyst. Oh yeah, it might be kinda hard to eat just because ur skin is so tight so put on wutever moisturizer ur using. Try not to tear the scabs and dead skin on ur face when u talk or open ur mouth bc itll damage the new skin. Alrite have fun :)/
  3. Hey, i did mine at 40% only for 1 min-after that i looked like i just came out of a burning house! it looked really bad. i also had water blisters. However, after a week it was all gone so dont worry. The things is that i broke out-had a couple cyst which was usually bc i dont usually get cyst. Anywayz, i used aquaphor-maybe that broke me out-but im not sure. so u should be fine :)/
  4. Gycolic is stronger than lactic. So if u want a milder treatment i would go with the lactic. Since u just had microdermabrasion u should also wait until the skin heals or else u will be getting a deeper rxn than normal
  5. the good skin that was wiped with tca hopefully will not scar. it propably scab and falls off with new skin underneath.
  6. ewwwwwwww i have one on my cheek. i think it was do to the acne cream and trying to pop a pimple. its been there for a while. dont know how to get rid of it :-k
  7. how much does each session cost? Do u guys do this at the beauty salon or doctors office?
  8. i have a couple cyst on each cheek after a 40% glycolic. I s this usual? i was using aquaphor and then an amino acid healing lotion........ Anyone have the same situation. Still dont know wut broke me out. ](*,)
  9. my face still peeling off. Ill tell u the results in a couple of days on the status of my acne scar on my cheek from theglycolic
  10. No thank goodness i wasnt doing it at home!. This was at the derm office. I listened to my intuition and decided to go the derm. I was thinking that if i go at least once to a proffessional then i will have more confident in myself maybe to try it at home since u know the routine already by the secone time. besides there might be complications. eVeryone does not react the same way. Anwayz, for my 1st time of using this peel for only 1 min the chemical penetrated deeper than expected. Even
  11. thanks for all the advise. you guys are great. Been looking at this site forever. Love this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I did this saturday. Today im still a little red and shinny bc of the aquaphor i put on. I alos have brown patches on certain areas of my face. i think the peel worked more strongly than expected? Do any of u have this same experience? If so when do these patches go away? Is there a way of accelerating the peeling? thanks
  13. OUch Ouch! i just did a 40% glycolic peel at the dermatogist and it wasnt gentle for me at all. I think it went deeper than it was suppose to or something! The doc only left it on for 1 min. im seeing him tommorow to see wut is sup with my face. As of now there is brown patches? Does anyone have this experience with this peel? Are the patches dead skin thats is goin to peel off or something? This is my first peel and im so scared. Im currently using aquaphor to calm the redness. So sca
  14. thanks myrl, i went to check the site. Anywayz rather then speculate on whether the obagi stuff will work on acne scars i had an appointment scheduled to see a doctor that uses obagi products on june 14!!!!! ill ask about the blue peel and its effectiveness on scars and ill make more posts!
  15. I was just wondering if anyone has used the obagi blue peel for acne scar treatment and what was the downtown and how were the results? thanks