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  1. Could someone kindly inform me how I go about deleting my account. Thank you.
  2. Simple advice, NO! I had moderate/severe acne for a good number of years. Except for the corners of my noses - where I had constant cysts - I have no scarring. I finished Accutane nearly a year ago. During my course I attempted to pop one zit. I still have that scar. It isn't worth it. Don't even attempt it. Just remember, in a few weeks/months you'll be fixed. Forget it, deal with it. I know it sucks today; but what sucks worse, a zit today or a scar for a year?!
  3. Your health care is free, but your prescription drugs are not. You only got it for free because of your (or your parents) medical insurance. Without insurance, I would have paid about $100 for a 30 capsules of 40mg. That is in Ontario.
  4. Gorgeous! Don't mind the red marks. They'll take care of themselves with time. And, anyway, don't fret it, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL.
  5. Thanks BTDT. You're great as always. I checked out some images online and yeah, it appears you are correct. The funny part is that is what my girlfriend has on the back of her arms. Mine has never been this bad. I have to assume it is being caused my a combination of my job and the winter weather.
  6. It has been nearly a year since my Accutane adventure. Life has been good since then. I've been almost completely zit free since completing the course. The occasional breakouts have occurred, but all have been minor and cyst-free. Lately, however.... I have been getting pustules on my thighs, and now calfs. I noticed near the end of the summer that I was getting small whiteheads on my knees. This was normal prior to Tane, and it kind of freaked me out thinking that it was just one step cl
  7. I used to look everyday. It was the second thing I did. The first thing was still in bed. I would touch/push against the corners of my nose to see if anything new was growing there. Second would be to hit the bathroom, not to relieve myself, but to check out new zits. I would generally pop them at the moment as well. Even after Tane I did this. Although, now, nearly a year post-Tane I have stopped doing this. I have completely stopped touching my nose and nearly stopped looking into the
  8. It will be worth it in the end. Tell your bf to go suck it. Honestly, he should be supportive, you don'tneed "flipper baby talk". Just remember, in five months you'll be as clear as you were the day you were born. The bf will be loving the clear skin then.
  9. Yes, you can drink (just like you could drink on Tane). Take it slowly at first, however. Your liver just got stressed for 4-6 months, it doesn't need night upon night of binge drinking.
  10. You can eat anything you like. Just do not take Vitamin A supplements. Also, avoid taking multi-vitamins.
  11. I was never offered an extraction, anytime, ever. Can you explain what the process is? Also, I agree with BTDT. I would actually disagree with your derm. Performing anything on the face on Tane can only increase the odds on causing permanent scarring. Goodluck anyways.
  12. If it keeps coming back in the same place, and only that one place, I highly doubt it is cystic acne. When it is bad go and show your GP and tell him you want it fixed.
  13. I was, for all intensive purposes, impotent for my duration on Tane. It went away immediately after quitting the Tane, however. Ok, not immediately, but it steady improved the moment I stopped Tane. It took a full few months to return completely to 100%, but by the first month off Tane I was 70%.