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    killing acne, being a dermatologist when i'm older, learning to spell dermatologist
  1. hello again everybody... i know it's been a while...i just want to let everyone know of my current situation. i'm currently not taking anything...i ran out of the b5 and i just didnt go take it anymore. i was on that for about 5 months after my accutane course. my acne is clear. i mean i have an occasional clogged pore or pimple here and there, but it's nowhere close to where it was before i started accutane(i'd get two new pimples about every day). so i'm very happy. but now i'm just looki
  2. that really is crazy...i cant believe i sacrificed the health of my body just for curing my acne...looking back on it now i think it's ridiculous, but then again- I was living a very depressed life with acne... i guess sacrifices have to be made
  3. I've been off my cycle of accutane for quite some time now, probably around 5 months andmy acne has never returned , but my body has changed. My healing is terrible. if i ever get a scab it will leave red marks around forever . my joints are still very sore . has anyone else experienced this for so long after their treatment with accutane? and does anyone know of anyway to get accutane out of your system? thx
  4. I'm looking for peels. where can you buy them if you dont want to do it online?
  5. ya i used this...it makes your skin feel really smooth and healthy. i'll usually use it after i shave, but i havent seen any improvements with my redmarks. i think i'm going to go for the glycolic acid peel.
  6. Everybody...whats been going on? Sorry I haven't been updating. I've been busy getting ready for school and all and I'm finally here. My tane course is finished. My acne is pretty much gone. I'm just ready to do some facial peels or something to get rid of these red marks...I'm in college and applying concealer isn't always easy to do. I am taking 5 g of B5 a day now just to make sure my acne doesn't come storming back. I'm already noticing that the oiliness is returning maybe even more than be
  7. well i'm a guy using making, and first off i just want to say that i love this stuff. it really is amazing. not only does it make your skin look tons better, i think it makes your skin healthier to. i use the cheap neutrogena stuff after i get out of the shower. i use my fingers to apply a bit and the red marks are gone. it's awesome. but i have a question...is it a bad idea to leave this stuff on long, like will it clog pores and stuff? thanks
  8. ya man shaving can suck sometimes. i think when i started shaving too early in my life when my face wasn't ready, i really messed my face up and started my bad skin stuff. try shaving with an aloe vera gel. it will get rid of most irritation. best wishes
  9. Accutane, definitely. it will get rid of those cysts once and for all. go for it! it's so worth it. best of wishes
  10. i've gone crazy and done something like that before. i always regret it terribly afterwards because even though the clogged pore is relieved, the red spots suck. best of wishes man. i used to not be able to stand the redness and go tanning or something back in the day to even out my skin tone. Now i'll put some aloe on it and then some make up. geeze i can't believe i've used make up... best of wishes my friend
  11. i believe it. i used to eat a lot of honey with crackers or fruit as a snack and now that i think of it my skin was alot less clogged then. i've also tried using honey as a mask and it makes my skin feel alot healthier. don't clogged pores just suck?!!! some people have alot worse acne than mine but with no clogged pores and their skin looks alot healthier than mine. best of wishes everyone and if you find something that works for these clogged pores besides squeezing them and making your fa
  12. ya that's true...but i guess sometimes you have to make sacrifices like looking like a reptile for a little while and have better skin in the long run... maybe i'll go on vacation from work and try it.
  13. i've smoked weed several times during my course and nothing seems to have happened. my skin always seems to feel much better after i smoke because i'm really chilled out. i've never done speed so i wouldn't know. take it easy on the drugs bro. overdoing it isn't a good idea
  14. i've stopped taking vitamin E. i used to take it as a supplement, but i've just stopped and my breakouts seem to have improved. i think aloe is much better for red marks. best wishes