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  1. I used Head and Shoulders for years, never realizing that it was the cause of a lot of my pimples. The ammonium chloride and ammonium lauryl/laureth sulfate ingredients it contains are comedogenic. I switched to Denorex, which has none of those ingredients, and things have improved dramatically. The coal tar Denorex formula also has chloroxylenol, which kills acne bacteria; or there's a salicylic acid formula, with the well-known pore-clearing benefits of that ingredient.
  2. This was exactly the problem that I had for years. What finally fixed it was changing my shampoo. Through the process of elimination, I found that any shampoo with sodium or ammonium chloride in it would cause me to develop those big, bad pimples. Most shampoos contain that ingredient, so there aren't many options. I use Denorex now. Doesn't contain any chloride, or sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate (more bad ingredients). The "therapeutic" version contains chloroxylenol, which has been shown
  3. Don't ever give up. If there's one good thing about acne, it's that it is a treatable condition, so you should never lose hope of defeating it. Keep working with your derm, and keep a positive outlook. You will find a treatment that works for you. As Raleigh said, you obviously have some issues that go beyond acne. You need to get some counseling, and your husband should go with you, since it sounds like he doesn't remotely understand what you're going through.
  4. I've seen plenty of beautiful girls with acne. I've also seen plenty of beautiful girls without acne who had boyfriends with acne, and vice versa. For some people, it's a major factor. For some, it isn't. Just like every other human characteristic.
  5. Sounds more like a rash than acne.
  6. Fruit of the Earth aloe vera is working well for me as a moisturizer, and not causing any breakouts. If anything, it seems to help prevent breakouts, though I haven't used it enough to be sure.
  7. 1. You look fine. 2. Good luck with the accutane. 3. Don't worry too much. You seem like a decent person, so your life is bound to improve once you get past the horror that is high school.
  8. It probably is just what you said: dead skin. I get the same thing after I shower; all the dryness shows up. I just rinse it off with cold water.
  9. I wouldn't worry too much about your appearance. It's safe to assume that someone who fell in love with you from seeing your pictures online has some problems of his own. Uh, if you really must meet him, be sure to meet in a very public place.
  10. I tried Acnomel once. It left my skin red and dry, smelled awful, and turned pimples into big, ugly, dark red marks. Other than that, it was fine.
  11. You're just crazy. Head and Shoulders won't cause hair loss. It can, however, cause breakouts due to the many harsh and comedogenic ingredients.
  12. What works the best for me is using Denorex shampoo, as virtually all of my body acne is caused by shampoo run-off. Results were immediate. I used to almost always have at least 1 or 2 large, painful pimples on my back when I used other shampoos. Now I get none like that, just the rare smaller one, and they go away much faster than they used to. Facial acne requires more attention, although Denorex has helped me a lot with that too. You should peruse some of the other forums to learn more a
  13. If it burns, you certainly shouldn't use it. I know how you feel about not wanting to put moisturizer on your face; almost everything seems to break me out too. You can try drinking a lot of water and see if that gives you enough moisture. It works fine for alleviating mild dryness, but if your skin's extremely dry, you will need a more direct moisturizer.
  14. I don't find the aloe I use to be drying. It does kind of make my skin tight, but not dry.