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  1. as of late ive been masturbating like there is no tomarrow (2-3 times a day) does anyone here think that this could cause acne?????????
  2. so ya i just bought a thing of eucerine mosturizer (the origenal) and the second ingrediant listed is mineral oil and ive heard how everyone here raves about how great eucerine is but doesnt mineral oil clog your pores which will lead to acne?
  3. ive noticed that since ive started accutane my eyes have gotten dry while im wearing my contacts so i was wondering if it is ok to wear my contacts while on accutane
  4. are there any doctors that do tca crosses because im thinking of getting one like 8-10 months after im done on accutane and im too afraid to do one to myself
  5. every morning i take my accutane 40mg at 12:00pm (thats what time i get up) then i take my 20mg dose at 6:00pm with my dinner...am i taking my 2 daily accutane doses to close together and whould it be more effective if i took them at a time such as 9:00am-40mg dose and 9:00pm-20mg dose?
  6. does it matter what time u go to bed as long as you get 8 hours of sleep in regard to the healing of your acne? (so your acne doesnt become scars)
  7. my upper lip and the part right below my mouth are constintly sweating and i am constintly wiping them of with a CLEAN towel...could this cause acne?
  8. do you think i will be able to completely get rid of these scars? (not a pic of me but the scarring is basicaly the same) *also what kind of scar treatment should i probably get?
  9. ingredeints of the natural peanut butter im talking about: just peanuts-------and by just peanuts i think they mean peanut oil as well because you cant just grind up peanuts and have it be creamy like it is -will eating tons of this cause acne?
  10. for me, its that playing Counter-Strike will cause an adrenaline rush, which will shut down my immune system, which will cause my healing acne to become scars. top that fear
  11. ive been on accutane for 8-9 weeks and i was wondering if i am able to now eat tons of sugar(30-40g) at once without getting acne -if not how much could i probalby eat without getting acne?
  12. since im on accutane can i do the following things... 1.eat lots of sugar 2. consume dairy 3. masturbate a lot 4. do anything else or eat anything that i didnt mention that would cause an increase in oil production can i do these things because im now on accutane? (been on it for 8-9 weeks now)